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Old 10-18-06, 07:34 PM
dovla dovla is offline
Chip Leader
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Default low - stakes poker.. impossible to win?!

i'm writing this post because i'm really pissed tonight.. i realized that titan and ipoker sites can give some impossible bad beats.. i play only low stakes poker with really bad players (i don't think i'm too much better.. but still i learnt some rules)

i made all my money on poker on low stakes (and it's solid ammount for me)..
but today i was playing 2.4$ s&g on titan and when 3 of us left with 3k stack, i first lost 55 vs A2 against short stack, then AK against A10 against same player, and as grand final AA vs J10 .. but that happen and what can i do..

then i transfered to fulltilt poker where i started playing those 1,25$ tourney with 45 people.. first game, i moved with AJ when i had 900 stack (when blinds were 40/80) and got called by 85 suited and he got a straight, then i reraised 10BB with AA and got caller with J5(suited of course) and lost to a quads..

is there any way of winning on skill on low stakes? i mean, i don't like to play coin flips, but when i'm forced to move (with AK for example or big pp like 1010) i must call and usually lose against 22 or Ace rag.. full tilt looks really real site and good for me, but against that kind of players i don't know how to play.. (and i realized that every suited card or ace-rag is monster hand for players on that stakes)..
"There's no skill in poker. Poker is a joke. Tournament poker is a joke. Whoever gets most lucky is the next superstar." - Mike Mattusow
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Old 10-19-06, 02:14 AM
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BBP Guru BBP Guru is offline
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Well first of all I think with blinds 40/80 moving all-in with AJ isn't a good hand...even though all you have is just a little over 10xxBB. The other dude has 2 live cards which gives him 40% chance of winning. Secondly, since this is only a $1 buy-in you would expect people to call you with hands like J5 and 85.

I haven't tried it but I think if you play conservatively, you stand a good chance of winning against such players. As you say that Ace-rag is a monster hand for these guys..when you find a better hand, make full use of it.
:As: If this isn't the next generation of poker, then what is????:As:
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Old 10-19-06, 04:15 AM
dovla dovla is offline
Chip Leader
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Belgrade - Serbia
Posts: 387
BBP Points: 243

yap, i don't like moving with AJ too but i moved from button position.. and i think that QQ or KK is much better hand against ace-rag, but when someone put's me on allin with Ace-rag against high pocket pair, i still have that 27% chances of losing.. (which is in my case about 50% - on titan more than 50% for sure) ..

but i don't complain too much.. i'll transfer to higher stakes really soon to play good poker..

hehe, i got my books (harringhton's vol.1 and 2) so i'm going to the post office to collect them.. watch out from now
"There's no skill in poker. Poker is a joke. Tournament poker is a joke. Whoever gets most lucky is the next superstar." - Mike Mattusow
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Old 02-02-08, 04:31 PM
vukojebina vukojebina is offline
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 23
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A few pointers:

Try not to play turbo/speed sit&go's. Blind level-up should be at least 10 min.

Early stage:

Really try to avoid AJ or lower if they are not suited. AJ looks strong, since J is a face card... but you will lose way more than win with that hand. Ultra aggressive play with AA, KK, QQ, depending on position with AK. Limp with A-x suited and all other low pairs and limp with suited connectors when in good position. Limp with AK when you play total donks.

Ultra aggressive with AA, KK, QQ, big bet (blinds 20/40) around 300-500 pre-flop. If you get raised all-in with one guy going for it call, if there is more then one guy call only with AA. If you get called and there is no scare card or no draw on the board, play normally after the flop. With a scare card on board (A when you have QQ, KK) force yourself to fold if the guy bets. Donks call with A-anything and you better believe they have it.

When you hit the flop and you are pretty sure this is the strongest hand on the board, but there is a possible draw. Push all-in. Punish the chasers. Let them risk all their money on their draws. Yes you will lose some, that is luck, but you will win much more of them - and that will be donk putting all his chips in on a draw.
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Old 02-20-08, 03:28 PM
tonysmoke22 tonysmoke22 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 14
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way to many donks on those low tables!
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