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Thinkerbell 06-29-06 06:20 AM

Sexiest poker player?
So, who do you think is the sexiest poker pro? Among the women, I think Meg Tilly certainly makes the most of her...uh...assests at the table. I think her strategy of distraction must work on at least some of the male players. I'd love to give Annie Duke a make-over. She's so cute, but she always looks tired and rumpled.
I like Marcel Luske. His attire is always professional. (Although his tabel talk would probably drive me insane.)
Why do most of the men look like they need to take a bath? They stay at hotels with indoor plumbing, right?

TriptreysNJ 06-29-06 06:52 AM

Jennifer Harmen. thats the only girl poker player I know of. But she definately makes the bulge in my trousers large. *GASP*

Lytspeed 06-29-06 01:18 PM

For the women, I think I would have to go with Clonie Gowan, based on looks alone. Erin Ness is cute, too. For the men (and I'm not a good judge of this, since I am a man), I can say that I wouldn't mind if I looked like Joe Hachem (maybe without the soul patch) and had the multiple talents of David Williams. (In addition to being a darn good poker player, he's a world-class Magic: The Gathering player.)

onabluff 07-01-06 03:55 AM

jen harmen is a cutie erin ness is just down right fine tho and tilly is to much of an air head or so she comes off

ad1129 07-01-06 06:22 AM

Clonie Gowan and its not even close.

ktb1017 07-01-06 08:34 AM

Meg Tilly? Did you mean Jennifer Tilly? She definitely plays her "cards" right.

doflovespoker 07-01-06 08:43 AM

Let's get some pix so we can compare. Anyone know of a site we can review to make this very important decision.

Thinkerbell 07-01-06 10:42 AM

That's a good idea. This site has good profiles and pics:
Poker Players Listed at

I cut and pasted the link here, but I guess this site won't allow links to be included. But at least there's the site info.

Also, you're were absolutely right about Jennifer Tilly. I must have had a synapse misfire. I'm going to claim that's due to all the flooding around here--the moisture has short-circuited my electrical system.

Lytspeed 07-02-06 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by Thinkerbell
I cut and pasted the link here, but I guess this site won't allow links to be included. But at least there's the site info.

Hi Think,

It's possible to post the link thusly: PokerListings.

You just can't paste it in, you have to use the link button up above the editing window.

In signatures, it appears that the link formatting is turned off, though.

Thinkerbell 07-02-06 10:06 AM

Ah, Lyt. You're clearly a man among men.

And one of the mods did let me know that the formatting of signatures has never been enabled on this site.

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