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Default How to count cards in blackjack

Practice counting cards wiht a standard deck flipping them over one at a time.

Boils down to good cards, bad cards and neutral cards. The deck is in your favor when there are more aces and face cards as opposed to little cards.

2,3,4,5,6 = little cards total of 20 per deck
7,8,9 are neutral cards 12 per deck
10,j,q,k,a are good cards also 20 per deck

so you do a running count starting at 0..for each little card go +1, for each big card its -1, and for neutral cards no for example if you get to +10...that is very good for you becuase there are 10 more face cards than little cards in the deck and you start increasing your bets...if you are at minium...

FInd a SLOW dealer, with only a few ppl at the table..the less decks the more effective...when in vegas this is easy to find this situtation....up here in INdiana at our casinos..I cannot keep up with the 6 decks and the Full seats at every single gets hard trying to keep up with a fast dealer, 6 decks, and seven players..but in VEGAS baby..cha=ching!!!! Good lcuk hun..hope this was easy to understand....its so much easier to explain with a deck of cards and in person
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