Poker Terminology

Ace High

A hand consisting of no pair, flush, straight, or set, having only a high card of an ace. One of the lowest ranking hands possible, as it will only beat a hand consisting of a high card lower than an ace, such as 10 high.

Example- Your hand= Ace (C) Jack (H) 5(S) 10(S) 7(S) This hand is Ace High.


All In

A player is All In when they have bet their entire stack of remaining chips- that is to say if they lost the hand, they would have no chips remaining. A player may go All In by raising his total amount of chips, or he may be put All In if an opponent makes a raise equal to or greater than the amount of chips he has remaining.



In some games or tournaments, all players will be required to pay an Ante to partake in the hand. This is like an “entry fee” to be dealt cards, and is distinct from the forced bets, or blinds.


Auto Blind

In online play, Auto Blind may be selected, which makes the software program automatically place the player’s blinds when it is their turn. With Auto Blind turned off, the player is required to actually click on “Place Blind” if they wish to be dealt in.


Bad Beat

Generally used in Hold’em, a bad beat is when a player with an inferior hand comes back and catches an unlikely card on the river to beat the hand that was ahead. An example of a bad beat would be as follows:

Player 1 holds: A(C) A(H)

Player 2 holds: 10(S) 10(H)

Flop comes: 7(D) J(C) 2(D) Turn: Q(H) River: 10 (C)

In this hand, Player 2 wins because he caught a lucky 10 on the River to make Three of a kind. Player 1’s hand was a heavy favourite all the way through, but took a Bad Beat on the River.



When the action falls on a player, and he makes a bet he is forcing other players to equal his bet if they wish to stay in the hand. For Example: The action has gone around the table with no bets, all players Checking. When the action reaches you, you make a bet of 200 chips; this forces all remaining players at the table to, at minimum, match your 200 chip bet if they wish to remain in the hand.


Big Blind

The larger of two forced bets at a Hold’em table. The big blind is a forced bet by the player two spots to the dealer’s left- this bet is usually twice the amount of the Small Blind.



A forced bet, required to be placed before cards are dealt. In Texas Hold’em, there are usually two Blinds, the Small and the Big, located to the dealer’s immediate left, and the second spot from his left respectively. Generally the Big blind is twice the amount of the Small blind.



When a player makes a bet or raise believing they do not have a strong enough hand to win. The intent of the Bluff is to convince the opponent(s) that the player’s hand is the best at the table and force them into folding.



In Hold’em, the Board is made up of the five community cards; Three on the flop, one on the turn, and one on the river.


Burn a Card

When a card is discarded face down and not used in play. This occurs in Hold’em before community cards are dealt- one card is burnt before the flop is displayed, one before the turn, and one before the river.



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