2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table II
by Randy Saylor
Level 34 begins with blinds at 120,000 and 240,000. Antes increase to 40,000. The average stack is 25 times the initial pot, thanks to the two eliminations.

Richard Lee gets a hand with JJ, and raises to 1,200,000. Gold re-raises to 4,000,000. Lee goes into the tank, and pushes all-in for about 7,000,000 more. Gold calls with QQ. The board is KK36T, and Richard Lee is eliminated in sxith after a huge pot. Gold’s QQ vs. JJ also knocked out Friberg. Lee wins $2.8 Million.

After a dinner break, Rhett Butler moves all-in with 44, and gets a call from Cunningham and Gold. Gold bet out on the flop, and Cunningham folded. Gold paired one of his overcards on the flop, and Rhett Butler is out fifth for $3.2 Million.

Nine hours after play started, the blinds increase to 150,000 and 300,000, with a 50,000 ante. Level 35 had no bustouts, so two hours later, Level 36 has blinds of 200,000/400,000 and 50,000 antes. There was a lot of action in Level 35, though. Michael Binger was able to double through Paul Wasicka. Here are the chip counts:

Jamie Gold 49.4 Million
Paul Wasicka 18.7 Million
Michael Binger 15 Million
Allen Cunningham 7.6 Million

Twelve hours into the day, Allen Cunningham moved all-in over the top of Binger and Gold. Binger folded, but Gold called. Cunningham showed TT, and Gold’s KJ meant it was about 55-45 in Allen’s favor. Gold caught a king on the flop, and Cunningham was eventually knocked out in fourth place for $3.6 Million. Cunningham has previously won four World Series bracelets, and falls just short of a fifth. Gold now has four times the chips of his closest competitor.

The first place prize money is brought out. It is so much that it can’t be placed on the actual table, but must sit on an adjacent table.

Poker Stars was another winner today, as three of its satellite winners were at the final table: Doug Kim, Dan Nassif, and Erik Friberg.


Less than one hour later, Binger gets all his chips in with top pair, top kicker on a T65 flop. Gold called him with an open-ended straight draw for eight outs. The turn card gave Gold the straight, and Binger was on the rail with the third place prize of $4.1 Million. This was 13 hours and 229 hands into the last day of action.

Heads up play begins with Gold holding a 78-12 chip lead over Wasicka. It only takes three hands. Wasicka called Gold’s big bet with TT on a Q85 flop. Gold was holding Q9, and it was all over. The heads up portion turned out to be an anticlimax, as Gold just steamrolled the final table. His hands held up when he was the favorite, and he caught cards when he was a slight underdog.

Paul Wasicka wins $6.1 Million and Jamie Gold takes the big $12 Million for first. Gold is no stranger to big time tournaments, although he has never made a final table at any World Series of Poker event. He has fifteen cashes in other major poker tournaments, and has been mentored by Johnny Chan. Gold called his father who has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). He was sleeping and Gold left a message.

"I hope he hears that I won. I wanted to make him proud," Gold continued.


Gold’s online poker sponsor is Bodog. Both are winners today.


Paul Wasicka, age 25, has six major tournament cashes previously, and finished 14th in another WSOP event this year.


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