2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 7
by Randy Saylor  
Day 7 Part II - 13 play down to 9

After a dinner break, the play gets tight. With literally millions on the line with every bustout, the players are right to be so tight. The next three finishers all receive $1.1 Million, but at the final table, the payouts increase rapidly. In fact, it takes four hours of play before the next exit.

John Magill and Fred Goldberg were the two shortest stacks when they went all-in with 55 vs. 99. Magill’s 55 got no help and he finished 12th.

Leif Force finished 11th when he went all-in after the flop with an overcard and a flush draw. No help, and Force was railbirding.

It is now Level 31 with blinds at 60,000/120,000 and 20,000 antes. There is a tremendous pressure on these players. The blinds are fairly high, and the final table bubble is upon them. They have been playing for twelve hours. Not since Day 1 have these players faced such long hours of poker. The incremental payouts are worth the effort here, though.

Play continues for two more hours with no major moves. Everyone takes a break at 1:50 am and it is now Level 32 with 80K/160K/20K blinds and antes.

Only 20 minutes of play follow until Fred Goldberg makes a late-position, desperate, short-stack move with Q3. Unfortunately, he runs into a KK, and his tournament is over in 10th place. The final table is set!

Final Table Analysis

The tournament resumes Thursday at noon PDT. The chip counts are as follows:

Jamie Gold, seat 8, 26,650,000. He should be in good shape, with the largest stack. The only player who can really hurt him is on his right, and he has a micro-stack immediately to his left. The four seats to his left are a shortstack, and best of all, three medium stacks. He can relentlessly steal blinds from these players.

Allen Cunningham, seat 5, 17,770,000. He is an excellent player, but having chipleader Jamie Gold acting after him might be a big disadvantage. He will not be able to steal blinds with impunity, because Gold can make re-raises to pressure him. If Cunningham catches a hand and takes the chip lead, he might be able to own the table.

Richard Lee, seat 1, 11,820,000. This is a tough position for him. Having the two larger stacks equidistant to his right and left will cause him difficulties and put the pressure on. If Jamie Gold in seat 8 does not put a lot of raises in, Lee might be able to put serious pressure on the three players behind him when they are the button, small blind, and big blind. Lee should do quite well if Gold is somewhat passive.

Erik Friberg, seat2, 9,605,000. Ditto Richard Lee’s situation.

Paul Wasicka, seat 3, 7,970,000. In between a rock and a hard place. His blinds will be under attack constantly.

The three middle stack players in seats 1, 2, and 3 will face a tremendous amount of pressure. By surviving, they can probably make a top five finish, but they must not get tangled up with the big stacks. If chipleader Jamie Gold in seat 8 lets too many hands go without pressuring seats 9, 1, 2, and 3 when they are in the blinds, then the player among these three who becomes most aggressive is probably fated to do best. Playing a middle stack in this situation is difficult, because they cannot afford to double up one of the short stack players.

Douglas Kim, seat 7, 6,770,000. The pressure will be relentless with the biggest stacks on either side.

Rhett Butler, seat 9, 4,815,000. In between the first and third place stacks.

Michael Binger, seat 6, 3,410,000. Ditto Douglas Kim.

Dan Nassif, seat 4, 2,600,000. As the shortest stack, will probably be forced into a desperate move soon.

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