2006 WSOP DAY 7

2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 7
by Randy Saylor  
Day 7 Part I - 27 play down to 13

The survivors of this day’s poker are the next stars of the game. Of the twenty-seven players remaining at the starting time of noon, 18 will be sent home. None of the 18 can be considered losers, though, as even 27th place receives over $494,000.

Day 7 sets up what will prove to be the richest table in poker history. The final nine spots of this poker tournament award a grand total of $34,811,922, or about 42 per cent of the over $80 Million prize pool.

The stack sizes of the remaining players vary widely. The chip leader, Jamie Gold, has enough for 109 rounds of blinds and antes at the current level. The shortest stack has less than five rounds of chips. The blinds are at Level 27, 25,000/50,000 with a 5000 ante.

The cards are in the air at about 1214 PDT. At 1228, the shortest stack is busted as the chip leader’s AK bests Richard Wyrick’s desperate A7. Wyrick can wipe his tears with his half million-dollar payout.

The short stack bustout trend continues just a few minutes later as Siddarth Jain, 25th in chips at the start of the day, goes all in over the top of Phralad Friedman minimum raise. Jain’s 88 is dominated by Friedman’s KK, and a king on the flop seals the short stack’s fate.

Mark Garner started the day 26th in chips. His big blind is raised all-in. His 55 is more than good enough to call, but it’s not enough against AA. The three shortest stacks at the start of the day have busted.

Eric “Rizen” Lynch is a popular blogger and fantastic online poker player. The Poker Stars qualifier busts 24th when his A6 got no help against chip leader Jamie Gold’s TT. Rizen took home over $600,000 from this year’s World Series of Poker, including third place in a $1500 pot-limit Holdem event. His star is definitely on the rise.

Rob Roseman certainly was right for feeling desperate with less than 1.5 Million chips, so his all-in with AJ is justifiable. Running into AA was a cruel fate. Roseman goes home in 23rd place.

Lee Kort was 20th of 22 when he called a raise by Jamie Gold with QJ. The flop came jack high, all diamonds, and the two players got all-in on the flop. Gold’s AJ meant Kort’s top-pair hand was outkicked. Kort had the Q, so his flush draw gave him twelve outs, which is about 50/50 with two cards to come. Bricks on the turn and river sent Kort home with 22nd place.

Kevin O’ Donnell’s prospects improved dramatically when he picked up KK preflop. A couple of raises with Allen Cunningham later, they were all-in. Full Tilt Poker’s Cunningham flipped AA, and O’Donnell finished 21st. Cunningham continues to grow his stack and could be a serious threat to Jamie Gold.

Phralad Friedman is an extremely accomplished WSOP player. He can add 20th in the 2006 Main Event to his list. His A3 was only a slight favorite to Jamie Gold’s 87, but when the flop came 654, Friedman was drawing dead.

Dustin Holmes’ 19th place finish reduces the field to two tables. His KJ was a slight underdog to A9, but kickers played, and Holmes was out. A trend has solidified. All nine players to bust out so far started the day in the bottom half of the field. The rich get richer.

It is just over three hours since the start of the day’s action. $659,730 goes to the next three finishers.

David Einhorn’s tournament for charity ends next. He gets all-in on a queen high flop. He has KQ for top pair, good kicker, but Jamie Gold’s Q6 flopped two pair. Einhorn’s $600K win goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease.

Jeffrey Lisandro finished 17th on the quietest bustout hand yet. Two other players called his all in. They checked it all the way down. When one player showed his cards, Lisandro quietly mucked his cards and left the table. Lisandro had begun the day in 8th place, but an earlier KK versus JJ showdown decimated his stack.

Sirious Jamshidi’s 77 got no help versus JJ, and he finished 16th. The next three players win $907,128.

Kevin Aaronson made an all-in bluff with T4 and got a call from AQ. The board brought three queens, and Aaronson’s short stack was now felt.

Luke Chung was knocked out 14th by Jamie Gold when the chipleader’s AJ beat A5 with a flopped ace. Gold caught a jack on the turn for good measure.

William Thorson’s JJ looked good enough to move all-in, but Jamie Gold’s KK sent him to the rail in 13th place. The twelve remaining players have something to celebrate. They will all be going home at least a million dollars richer! Not bad for 6 ˝ hours of work on this Day 7.

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