2006 WSOP DAY 6

2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 6
by Randy Saylor  
Day 6

The final table is fast approaching. The Day 6 action will reduce the field from 45 to 27. The first nine players exiting on Day 6 will receive $247,399, and the second nine win $329,865. Play resumes in the middle of level 25, with blinds of 15,000/30,000/5,000, and an average stack of almost 2 Million.

The upcoming exponential increases in prize money slow the early play somewhat, but the all-in festival that marked early tournament play soon returns. The first two exits happen within an hour. The major beneficiary is chip leader Jamie Gold, who busts two players out early and increases his monster stack to 13.5 Million.

One major winner in this year’s WSOP Main Event didn’t even enter the tournament. It is the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Player David Einhorn (11th at start of play), a hedge fund manager from New York, has announced that he will be donating every penny of his winnings to the foundation.

WeiKai Chang, the player who won a four-way all-in with the worst starting hand on day five, finally runs out of luck when he busts in 40th place. Marc Friedman continues the unlucky streak when his AA loses to 88. Friedman finishes 39th.

Humberto Brenes, the Costa Rica native known for his flamboyant all-in dance and shark card protector, started the day with one of the smallest stacks. He played a tight waiting game, then got all-in preflop once the prizes increased. He finished in 36th place.

Level 27 begins about four hours into the Day 6 action. Blinds are 25,000/50,000 and antes are 5,000. Thirty players remained at the beginning of level 27. It took less than one hour to eliminate the last three players for the day. Players, dealers, directors, and spectators enjoy an early day off as the elimination of 18 players took about 5 hours. The rest will be much needed as the Day 7 action plays from 27 down to the final table of 9. The final table importance (and the significant increases in prize money for each place) means that the tournament should slow down somewhat.

The chip stacks range from 13.1 Million down to 700,000. Jamie Gold maintains the overall chip lead. David Einhorn, the player who promised his winnings to charity, sits third with 7 Million. Jeffrey Lisandro is 7th with 3.8 Million, Allen Cunningham is 15th at 2.3 Million, blogger “Rizen” Lynch is 17th at 1.9 Million, and Phralad Friedman is 19th at 1.5 Million.

With blinds at 25K/50K/5K, and an average stack of 3.25 Million, there still remains a lot of poker play left, as the average stack is still good for 27 rounds of blinds and antes.

Full Tilt Poker made a little bit of news when four of their internet qualifiers made the top 100. This was noteworthy because Full Tilt supplements any of their satellite winners prizes if they make the final table. Payouts range from $100,000 to $10 Million for first place. It appears that payout won’t be made, however, as the only remaining Full Tilt Poker qualifier is Luke Chung, who sits 23rd with only 1.3 Million chips.

Full Tilt may gain some exposure yet, though, as two of its professional endorsers, Allen Cunningham and Jeffrey Lisandro, remain in action.

Poker Stars is apparently the big winner again this year among the poker sites. Poker Stars again qualified almost 20% of the field. Over 140 Poker Stars players finished in the money, and an amazing five of the 27 final players were satellite winners at Poker Stars.

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