2006 WSOP DAY 4-5

2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 4-5
by Randy Saylor  
Day 4

We pick up the action in the Amazon Room at the Rio Hotel and Casino. It is the beginning of Day 4, and the 481 remaining players take their seats at noon. The field has been reduced from 8773, and all of the remaining players are guaranteed at least $26,000. The level 16 antes were at $500, with 2000/4000 blinds.

The early focus was on defending champ Joe Hachem, who started the day with 139,000 (about ľ of the average stack of 182,000). Hachem couldn’t catch many cards, and needed an early double up to stay close. Kyle Bowker, who became the first entrant to accumulate more than 1 Million chips, stole the spotlight temporarily. The cameras quickly rushed back to Hachem, who was all-in with two other players preflop. The opponents showed AQ and JJ, so the Aussie’s AA was looking good. A jack fell on the flop, however, and Joe Hachem’s title defense came to an end (238th, $42,882).

Daniel Negreanu’s legions of fans couldn’t help him catch cards. Kid Poker made many runs, but always took a hit that left him short again. He finally was forced all in with Q T, but his opponent’s K J proved superior (229th, $42,882).

Jamie Gold, a cardroom regular and internet player from Malibu, CA, makes a living as an agent for television stars and producer. He became a star in his own right on Day 4 by finishing with $3.7 Million chips, by far the poker tournament leader over second place Max Reele (2.4 Million).

From the “Sometimes It’s Better to be Lucky than Good” file: Weikai Chang and Adam Bragar call Bill Robertie and Chris Martin who are all-in preflop. (Bill Robertie is co-author of the Harrington on Hold’em series with Dan Harrington.) The main pot contains 375,000, and a side pot contains 120,000. The flop comes 532 with two clubs. Bragar goes all-in for 310,000 more. Chang goes into the tank for a long time, and finally calls with chips behind. Bragar shows QQ, Robertie AA, Martin JJ, and Chang is on a two-outer with TT. The turn is a blank, but the river saves Chang with a ten, knocking out three opponents in the process.

Pros surviving Day 4 included (with chip counts) Phralad Friedman (1.55 M), Jeffrey Lisandro (1.2 M), Annie Duke (919K), Humberto Brenes (835K), and Allen Cunningham (503K). The 135 players remaining have average stacks of 650,000. One-time chip leader Dmitri Nobles is still in, with 1.25M, and popular internet player Eric Lynch “Rizen” is still in with 1.1 Million.

Notables eliminated include Mark Vos (457th), Ted Forrest (408th), Tom McEvoy (371st), Hoyt Corkins (364th), Surinder Sunar (324th), Kathy Liebert (275th), and David Chiu (147th).

Day 5

The blinds are at 6000/12000 and antes are 2000 per hand for level 21, as 135 players take their seats for Day 5 of the Main Event. With the multiple flights of days one and two, and a vacation day after day two, this is actually the tenth day of Main Event play.

Tournament directors expect 85-90 players to be eliminated on Day Five. Very few big-name professional players remained at this point, with internet qualifiers dominating the field.

Annie Duke was one of the earlier casualties (88th, $51,129) as her A3 wasn’t enough to beat Jeffrey Lisandro’s 88. Former chip leader and Poker Stars qualifier Dmitri Nobles ended a great run in 76th place ($65,973). Internet tournament guru Bryan Micon (of The Micon System) finished 63rd, good for $123,699 - the first prize above the $100K mark.

In mid-afternoon, Allen Cunningham starts making his move. With a somewhat small stack, he starts playing big bet poker. He gets all in with KJ, flops a jack, and doubles to over a million chips.

The next prize level is reached at 54th place, with the next few players receiving $164,932.

At 11:43 pm, the 46th place player exits the tournament, and play ends for the day. Play will commence on Day 6 in the middle of level 25, with blinds at 15,000/30,000 and antes of 5000. The average stack is 1.95 Million.

Notables still in include Humberto Brenes (42nd in chips with 565,000), Allen Cunningham (30th, 1.3 Million), Phralad Friedman (24th, 1.6 Million), “Rizen” Lynch (19th, 1.94 Million), and Jeffrey Lisandro (9th, 3 Million). Chip leader remains Jamie Gold, with 7.33 Million chips.

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