2006 WSOP DAY 2-3

2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 2-3
by Randy Saylor  
They came. They saw. They busted out. Of the record 8773 participants in this year’s Main Event of the World Series of Poker, 5400 had been eliminated in the four flights of first day action. The remaining field is still too large to play at the same time, so “Day Two” is played in two flights.

The prizes have been announced, and the players are buzzing about the $12 Million first prize. Level 7 of the tournament features 250/500 blinds with a 50 ante. The average stack for remaining players is about $26,000, so the average player at a table of ten has enough chips for 20 rounds without blinding out. The pressure, which is minimal on day one, is now starting to mount on the short-stacked players.

Day 2A

The two or three days of rest enjoyed by Day 1A and 1B players seems unimportant now, as the 1637 players get the pressure put right back on.

Tony Cousineau, Mike Caro, and 2004 runner up David Williams hit the streets within the first hour. Andy Black (2005 5th place), Barry Greenstein, Berry Johnston, John Juanda, Mike Sexton, and Men “The Master” Nguyen followed soon after.

Players leaving after the dinner break included David Sklansky, Joe Tehan, Scotty Nguyen, and David “Devilfish” Ulliott.

Day 2A finishes with stacks ranging from $3100 to $443,300 for Yuri Kozinskiy. Notable players surviving are Eric Molina, Allen Cunningham, Tuan Nguyen, David Chiu, Humberto Brenes, David Pham, Theo Tran, Juan Carlos Mortensen, Hoyt Corkins, Annie Duke, Phralad Friedman, Phil Ivey, Tex Barch, and Layne Flack.

Day 2B

1736 players suited up to attempt to make Day 3, when the money bubble would burst. The action was fast and furious, and the tournament dropped about 300 players in the first 90 minutes. Former world champions Huck Seed (overpair lost to a set), Robert Varkonyi (KQ vs. 33), and Greg Raymer (lost to AA), all exited Day 2B.

Day 1 overall chip leader Hung Tran was a day 2B casualty, as his attempts to bully with a large stack repeatedly ran into big hands. Robert Mizrachi and Adam Schoenfeld joined him among the spectators.

Daniel Negreanu enjoyed a fantastic run at the featured ESPN table. An all in with overcards and a flush draw paid off for him when the fourth flush card hit on the turn. A later full house put him in the top five.

Midnight brought the end of Day 2B, and 620 players advanced. Ted Forrest, Freddy Deeb, Gigabet, Cyndy Violette, and Josh Arieh carried on. Chris Grigorian, JC Tran, Alan Goehring, Steve Zolotow, Bobby Baldwin, Robert Williamson, Eric Mizrachi, Mark Gregorich, and (2005 4th place) Aaron Kanter went home.

All players get a vacation day to prepare for the beginning of Day 3. The blinds will be 600/1200/200 ante. The stacks range from $549,200 (Poker Stars qualifier Dmitri Nobles) to $1100 (less than one big blind). The average stack is now 75,695 for the 1159 players remaining, and the bubble comes at 873, when the average will be about 100,000.

Day 3

The players shuffle up and deal at noon, announced by reigning champion Joe Hachem. Every remaining player is in the same room for the first time. This day is extremely important for two groups: the leaders and pros, as they try to accumulate chips for a deep run into the tournament; and the short stacks, many of whom simply hope to squeak into the money. At $14,597, even the lowest payout is significant for an internet qualifier or satellite winner.

Daniel Negreanu takes repeated poundings in the first hour. Fortunately for him, he started the day near the top, and still has a decent stack. Josh Arieh, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, David Grey, Richard Brodie, and Carlos Mortensen aren’t so lucky and finish out of the money.

Layne Flack busts at the start of Level 13 (1000/2000/300), followed closely by Freddy Deeb. The bubble is approaching now, with less than 885 players (873 paid). Play will slow to a crawl soon as the tournament goes to hand-for-hand, when each hand at every table is completed before the next hands are dealt. This prevents players from stalling to make a payday. The last nine non-money finishers are entered into a sponsored freeroll to earn an entry into the 2007 poker tournament.

With 876 players remaining, 11 players busted on the same hand, but received just over $10,000 each, after splitting the prizes for the lowest eight winners. Now that the bubble had burst, the room went nuts. The next 15 minutes saw 140 players go home.

Notables busting later on Day 3 include Barny Boatman (854th), Paul Wolfe (715th), Gigabet (672nd), Tony Ma (589th), and David Pham (498th). Survivors include Joe Hachem, Mark Vos, Allen Cunningham, Annie Duke, Surinder Sunar, and Ted Forrest.

Play finished with 481 players remaining, much fewer than expected by tournament organizers. Day 4 would begin with an average stack of 182,000, which is enough for 16 rounds of blinds and antes at 2000/4000/500, level 16.

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