World Poker Open Main Event - Day 2
2006, Jason Kirk  

There's a simple truth about poker tournaments that many people overlook: no matter who you are, no matter what your reputation, no matter what your skill level, chances are you won't win. In fact, chances are you won't even make the money. That's the math of the situation, but the only end a tournament poker player ever envisions is being in the winner's circle. For more than a handful of players with big reputations, the winner's circle was a distant mirage in the desert of the bust-out - only 52 players who began Day Two survived to Day Three.

The seating assignments on Day Two of the 7th Annual World Poker Open guaranteed enough fireworks to send a long list of big names heading to the rail. Andy Black, Barry Greenstein, and Erik Seidel were at Table 35 together. Table 45 had Josh Arieh and Hoyt Corkins, as well as veteran players Billy Baxter and John Spadavecchia. Eric Cloutier and John Juanda faced off at Table 55, while Table 62 held Men "The Master" Nguyen, John D'Agostino, and Sam Farha. All the experience in the world couldn't save all the big names - among all of them, only Cloutier, Spadavecchia, and Arieh survived the second day.

For all the big names that headed for the door, a handful did survive to take their shot at nearly $1 million and a seat in the WPT Championship. Gavin Smith and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi found themselves at the top of the leaderboard, and right behind them were Scotty Nguyen, Josh Arieh, and An Tran. Also hanging in to find themselves in good chip position going into Day Three were lesser-known pros such as Bau Le, Allie Prescott, and Mark Kroon. And as a foil to all the star power, local players did well on Day Two. Matt Keikoan, Dale Morrow, Johnny Donaldson, and James Haley all finished with over $139,000 in chips.

Heading into Day Three, 50 of the remaining 52 players are guaranteed a payday. The only real question is who the two unlucky players who miss out on the money will be. Bill Seber, Gary Haubelt, Andy Miller, and Las Vegas legend Bob Stupak all finished with less than $30,000 in chips and will be looking to double up early, which will leave them vulnerable to the bigger stacks surrounding them. Over the half the field is sitting under $100,000 in chips, however, so anything really is possible once the card get in the air tomorrow. The only sure thing is that the first hand of Day Three will be dealt at noon on Saturday.

Here are the table assignments for the start of Day Three:

Table 37
Farzad Rouhani Germantown, MD 82,000 Seat 1
Dee Caldwell Lexington, KY 120,100 Seat 2
Robert Brind Philadelphia, PA 107,300 Seat 3
Karlo Lopez San Juan, Puerto Rico 115,900 Seat 4
Matt Keikoan Tunica, MS 294,900 Seat 5
Rodeen Talebi Dallas, TX 116,400 Seat 6
Dale Morrow Horn Lake, MS 272,000 Seat 7
Mark Napolitano Gibraltar 45,300 Seat 8
Bob Stupak Las Vegas, NV 29,800 Seat 9

Table 38
John Spadavecchia Lighthouse Point, FL 61,100 Seat 1
Gary Gibbs Tunica, MS 72,100 Seat 2
Eric Cloutier Lafayette, LA 192,500 Seat 3
Chris Bell Raleigh, NC 214,800 Seat 4
Andy Miller Abilene, TX 26,000 Seat 5
Bau Le Atlantic City, NJ 283,200 Seat 6
James Haley Tunica, MS 139,700 Seat 7
Chad Brown Los Angeles, CA 195,000 Seat 8
Mark Cole Naples, FL 34,000 Seat 9

Table 46
Raul Paez Barcelona, Spain 66,600 Seat 1
Gavin Smith Las Vegas, NV 394,000 Seat 2
Michael Stamboly Hilton Head, SC 210,500 Seat 3
Richard Hensarling Layfayette, LA 59,700 Seat 4
Josh Arieh Atlanta, GA 197,600 Seat 5
Allie Prescott Memphis, TN 195,100 Seat 6
Ray Babb Soldier's Grove, WI 94,000 Seat 7
Gary Haubelt Pittsburgh, PA 24,700 Seat 8

Table 47
Allen Kessler Huntingdon Valley, PA 65,900 Seat 1
Michael Mizrachi Hollywood, FL 355,500 Seat 2
Vassilios Maniotis Hilton Head, SC 87,200 Seat 3
Johnny Donaldson Tunica, MS 261,900 Seat 4
Galen Kester Senatobia, MS 32,500 Seat 5
Douglas Carli Alliance, OH 43,200 Seat 6
Thomas Schreiber Danielson, CT 140,500 Seat 7
Howard Perry Tunica, MS 158,200 Seat 8
Fred Ferrington Barkburnett, TX 64,500 Seat 9

Table 55
Zac Reynolds Edmond, OK 226,200 Seat 1
Scotty Nguyen Henderson, NV 218,400 Seat 2
Darrell Dicken Waterloo, IA 76,600 Seat 3
Josh Tieman Tunica, MS 83,300 Seat 4
Jerri Thomas Ham, OH 37,700 Seat 5
Casey Kastle Chicago, IL 123,900 Seat 6
Mark Kroon Madison, WI 162,500 Seat 7
Dwayne Moyers Southlake, TX 73,200 Seat 8

Table 74
Padraig Parkinson Dublin, Ireland 73,300 Seat 1
Bill Seber Houston, TX 21,900 Seat 2
Liz Lieu Los Angeles, CA 99,500 Seat 3
Barry Shulman Las Vegas, NV 59,100 Seat 4
Dan Alspach Las Vegas, NV 75,100 Seat 5
An Tran Las Vegas, NV 136,600 Seat 6
Dwight Derringer Lousiville, KY 71,400 Seat 7
Mark Mulloy Humble, TX 45,300 Seat 8
Chris Gildone Tunica, MS 57,600 Seat 9

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