World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)
2006, Randy Saylor  
September 16 is the fast-approaching kickoff of the 2006 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), an annual series of tournaments held at Poker Stars. The eighteen tournaments in this year’s series have a total guaranteed prize pool of $10 Million.

This is the fifth year of the competition, and the growth of the poker tournaments has mirrored the overall growth of online poker. The main event in 2002 awarded “only” $65,000 to the winner. The 2005 champion took home $577,000, and that was after a three-player deal at the final table!

This series of tournaments is so large that it is second only to the World Series of Poker in the ranking of total money for a multi-tournament poker event. That is quite an accomplishment for an online poker site!

$1.5 Million in Free Entries

Poker Stars is awarding its frequent players the chance to win big with no buy-in. Any player can use Frequent Player Points to enter select satellites, and special VIP freerolls are scheduled as well.

Regular Satellite Schedule

Since the buy-ins are high (ranging from $200+15 to $5000+200), there are satellite MTTs and sit-and-go tournaments running 24 hours a day. Satellite winners do have the option of unregistering from the target tournament to receive W$ in exchange. W$ are special tournament dollars that can be used in any satellite to a World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, WCOOP, or European Poker Tour event.

Satellite MTTs can be found under Tourney > Satellite > Events, or Events > WCOOP. The second option lists all satellites, including single-table tournaments, and has tabs for freeroll and cash MTTs as well.

The Series Schedule

All tournaments start at either 1500 or 1630 US Eastern Time.

Each event is listed with date, game, buy-in, and prize pool guarantee.

Event 1, September 16. Razz, $200+15, $100,000.

Event 2, September 17. No-limit holdem, $500+30, $1.5 Million.

Event 3, September 18. Pot-limit Omaha (High) with rebuys, $300+20, $400,000.

Event 4, September 19. No-limit holdem match play (heads-up), $200+15, $300,000.

Event 5, September 20. Fixed limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $500+30, $300,000.

Event 6, September 21. No-limit holdem with rebuys, $200+15, $1 Million.

Event 7, September 22. Fixed limit holdem, $200+15, $200,000.

Event 8, September 23. HORSE, $200+15, $100,000.

Event 9, September 23. Pot-limit holdem, $500+30, $400,000.

Event 10, September 24. No-limit holdem, $1000+50, $1 Million.

Event 11, September 25. Seven Card Stud, $300+20, $100,000.

Event 12, September 26. Pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo, $300+20, $200,000.

Event 13, September 27. Pot-limit holdem, $300+20, $400,000.

Event 14, September 28. Seven Stud High Low, $500+30, $200,000.

Event 15, September 29. Pot-limit Omaha (High), $500+30, $300,000.

Event 16, September 30. HORSE, $5000+200, $100,000.

Event 17, September 30. Fixed limit holdem, $1000+50, $400,000.

Main Event, October 1. No-limit holdem, $2500+100, $3 Million.

This is an exciting series to watch even if you are unable to play. Past years have always seen a tremendous amount of discussion among internet users about this series. Maybe we’ll see each other at the Main Event!

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