LA Poker Classic Main Event - Day 4
2006, Jason Kirk  

What at first appeared to be a short day in the making turned out to be a drawn-out affair at the LA Poker Classic. Day Four started with a mere 27 players, only a drop in the bucket compared to the 693 who started two days before in the ballroom at Commerce Casino. There was a strong Hollywood duo among the players still alive to kick off the fourth day of action. James Woods, once an inhabitant of the Losers' Lounge on Celebrity Poker Showdown, found himself in the middle of the pack of a major tournament with $438,000 in chips after a dramatic (and correct) call on Day Three. "I'm playing the greatest poker of my life," he said the previous day. Keeping with the Hollywood theme, Extra TV reporter Jon Kelley brought a strong $751,000 stack to the table on Day Four. Both men had a real chance of advancing to the TV table as play began for the day.

The action started quickly. First Tom Macey moved in with A-K suited but lost to Sweden's Per Ummer, who held a pair of tens. Short-stacked Genefredo Legaspi was knocked out, as was Chris Bigler, who was crippled in a confrontation with JC Tran and then eliminated on the next hand by Jon Luu. Then one of the tournament's great potential stories was wiped out when James Woods raised out of the small blind with Q-Q and was essentially committed to calling when Michael Woo re-raised from the big blind with A-A. Woods left in good spirits to a round of applause from the spectators in attendance. Before the first two hours of play were done, Roy Winston, Bruce Parker, Tony Luu, and Damon Ahmadi would also be knocked out.

Hand-for-hand play started with Ahmadi's elimination, as did the first level break of the day. As might be expected, things slowed down here. Anahit Galajian managed to double up in hand-for-hand play before Rodeen Talebi left the tournament in 19th place and new seats were drawn. She again doubled up her $167,000 stack against John Gale just minutes later, giving her ammunition that would keep her alive for the rest of the day. Before the blinds advanced to $10,000-$20,000 with $3,000 antes, Per Ummer grabbed a huge pot from Brian McCann with J-J and took the chip lead. Then Bill Gazes was knocked out as soon as the next level began when his 4-4 fell to Alan Goehring's A-J, and the players went on dinner break.

The next hour of play progressed slowly, with the short stacks doubling up and lots of pots being taken without showdowns. At the end of the hour Jon Kelley's run ended when he couldn't win his coin-flip with A-Q against Steven Simmons' J-J. Brian McCann left quickly after Kelley when his A-A was cracked by Kevan Casey's flopped set of queens. The level break didn't do anything to slow the action down - Danny Noam moved in with A-Q right after the break and ran into Alan Goehring's Q-Q. It would be another hour and a half before there was another elimination, giving Anahit Galajian, Juha Helppi, and John Gale plenty of time to get active. It was Finland's Helppi who finally went out in 13th to move things along, moving in with A-J and finding himself dominated by Alan Goehring's A-K.

After the blinds went up to $15,000-$30,000 with a $5,000 ante, it wasn't long before John Gale was eliminated. The Englishman caught bottom pair on a ragged board and got his chips in, but Daniel Quach hit top pair and it held to send Gale home 12th. Just ten minutes later, Mark Weidmann moved in with K-K, but Per Ummer's A-Q outdrew Weidmann and ousted him in 11th place. That ended play for the day, leaving only 10 players to compete for the championship when Day Five began.

End Of Day Four Chip Counts

1. Per Ummer 2,455,000
2. Alan Goehring 2,315,000
3. Kevan Casey 2,030,000
4. Michael Woo 1,665,000
5. Daniel Quach 1,425,000
6. Steven Simmons 1,270,000
7. JC Tran 1,245,000
8. Michael McClain 665,000
9. Anahit Galajian 480,000
10. David Chiu 305,000

Day Four Money Winners

11th Mark Weidmann - $73,075
12th John Gale - $73,075
13th Juha Helppi - $59,789
14th Danny Noam - $59,789
15th Brian McCann - $59,789
16th Jon Kelley - $46,502
17th Kelly Kim - $46,502
18th Bill Gazes - $46,502
19th Rodeen Talebi - $39,859
20th Damon Ahmadi - $39,859
21st Jon Luu - $39,859
22nd Bruce Parker - $39,859
23rd Roy Winston - $39,859
24th James Woods - $39,859
25th Chris Bigler - $39,859
26th Genefredo Legaspi - $39,859
27th Tom Macey - $39,859


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