Jack Binion WSOP Circuit Events 4-6
© 2006, Jason Kirk ¬†

The Jack Binion WSOP Circuit at Grand Casino Tunica is almost a week into play now, and with 16 events left to be played things are really just getting started.

Event #4, the $500+50 Limit Hold'em tournament, drew a solid 473 entries. The $219,405 prize pool was split among the final 5 tables. Among those finishing in the money was Campbell Davis of Dallas, TX, who won the Limit Hold'em event at the last Grand Casino Tunica WSOP Circuit. Robert Willis of Grenada, MS, took 1st place and $65,800, outlasting Bruce Davis of Haines City, FL, in heads-up action.

Event #5 of the Circuit, the $500+50 Seven-Card Stud tourney, drew 187 players. A total of $90,695 was up for grabs among the final 2 tables - not bad for a stud tournament outside of the East Coast! The story of the tournament was Ann Budde of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Her 2nd place finish was the best yet for a woman at any WSOP Circuit event, and the $16,325 prize she took home should pay her way into plenty more stud tournaments. Burt Bronson of Toledo, Ohio, took home the ring and the seat in the main event with his 1st place finish - not to mention a nice sum of $29,470.

Event #6, the $500+50 Pot-Limit Hold'em tournament, saw a starting field of 317 players. That built a prize pool of $153,745 to be paid out to the players at the final 3 tables. James Spain, who took 3rd place in Event #4, played well enough to take 22nd in this tournament. When the dust it was George Bronstein of Tampa, FL, who emerged as the champion, taking home $46,035 as well as the ring and a seat in the main event. John Yoo of St. Charles, MO, was the runner-up.

Event #4 - $500+50 Limit Hold'em
Jack Binion WSOP Circuit - Grand Casino Tunica
January 8th-9th, 2006

Rank Player Hometown Winnings

1st Robert Willis Grenada, MS $65,800
2nd Bruce Davis Haines City, FL $35,325
3rd James Spain Huntsville, AL $17,550
4th Ernest Scherer Torrance, CA $15,360
5th Edward Nassif Ames, IA $13,165
6th Gary Poff Lenoir, NC $10,970
7th Christopher Venne Lafayette, CO $8,775
8th Michael Mills San Diego, CA $6,580
9th Donald Oscar Gulf Shores, AL $4,390
10th Daniel Schmiech Houston, TX $2,415
11th Sheryl Williams Centerville, OH $2,415
12th V.T. Nguyen Bell Gardens, CA $2,415
13th Thomas Woodall Bismark, AR $1,975
14th David Bach Athens, GA $1,975
15th Anthony Parrella Mansfield, OH $1,975
16th Brent Carter Las Vegas, NV $1,535
17th Richard Henderson Alexandria, LA $1,535
18th Jean Zabin Atlanta, GA $1,535
19th Raul Paez Barcelona, Spain $1,095
20th Joseph Berry III McLean, VA $1,095
21st Stanley Combs Union, OH $1,095
22nd Robert Gatling Camden, AR $1,095
23rd Jessica Barratt Smith Florence, AL $1,095
24th Jeffrey Lenkel Austin, TX $1,095
25th John Varner Dayton, OH $1,095
26th Calvin Crain Lexington, KY $1,095
27th David Cupps Bedford, IN $1,095
28th Cecil Brown Lontmont, CO $880
29th Ilya Sheyn Cincinatti, OH $880
30th Thomas Garza Reno, NV $880
31st Lawrence Highfield Stockridge, GA $880
32nd Tony Baker Stelacoom, WA $880
33rd Frederick Brown Howell, MI $880
34th Edward Chinak Elmer, IA $880
35th Justin Smith Lebanon, TN $880
36th Robert Vick Mesquite, TX $880
37th Ted Largo Bells Vista, AR $660
38th Stephen Hayes Broken Arrow, OR $660
39th Gene Jones Dunwoody, GA $660
40th J. Hijar Marietta, GA $660
41st Charles Kelly Watertown, TN $660
42nd Campbell Davis Dallas, TX $660
43rd Ronald Blount Houston, TX $660
44th Myron Chidester Willis, TX $660
45th Robert Leyer Crosby, TX $660

Event #5 - $500+50 Seven-Card Stud
Jack Binion WSOP Circuit - Grand Casino Tunica
January 9th-10th, 2006

Rank Player Hometown Winnings

1st Burt Bronson Toledo, OH $29,470
2nd Ann Buddie Bowling Green, KY $16,325
3rd Rupert Reid White Plains, NY $9,975
4th Yubin Guo Brooklyn, NY $7,255
5th Arthur Lang Biloxi, MS $5,895
6th Raymond Weaver Birmingham, AL $4,535
7th David Courtney Yelke Catharpin, VA $3,630
8th Timmy Townsend Bransan, MO $2,720
9th Carl Brucker Cleves, OH $1,635
10th Ateneloff Barsanoff Colonial, Uruguay $1,635
11th Thomas Witherspoon Bato Rouge, LA $1,450
12th Parish Newscome Hiram, GA $1,450
13th David Burch Logootee, IN $1,270
14th Scott Wood Collierville, TN $1,270
15th Charles Dawson Versailles, KY $1,090
16th Laurence Robert Goldsmith  Linden, VA $1,090

Event #6 - $500+50 Pot Limit Hold'em
Jack Binion WSOP Circuit - Grand Casino Tunica
January 10th-11th, 2006

Rank Player Hometown Winnings

1st George Bronstein Tampa, FL $46,035
2nd John Yoo St. Charles, MO $25,300
3rd Hung Van Nguyen Grand Rapids, MI $12,935
4th Kenneth Robison Wheelock, TX $10,060
5th Joshua Harris Shreveport, LA $8,625
6th Joseph Enright Plano, TX $7,185
7th Brett Jungblut Culver City, CA $5,750
8th Sean Morrison Winterhaven, FL $4,310
9th James Mackey Pottsville, AR $2,875
10th Gerald Esposito Beach Grove, IN $1,725
11th Zachary Atkinson New Zion, SC $1,725
12th Frederick Brown Howell, MI $1,725
13th Donald Sayban Charlotte, NC $1,435
14th Luke Sigle Manhattan, KS $1,435
15th Ralph Amadeo Chicago, IL $1,435
16th Peter Mutuc Garland, TX $1,150
17th Jerry Zehr Independence, KY $1,150
18th Charles Walker Humbolt, KS $1,150
19th Robert Walker Rome, GA $860
20th Francis Knight Birmingham, UK $860
21st Brandon Breeding Adrian, MI $860
22nd James Spain Huntsville, AL $860
23rd Michael Gambony Scottsdale, AZ $860
24th Julius Thomas Winterhaven, FL $860
25th Brian Borger Lilburn, GA $860
26th Jackie Huff Athens, GA $860
27th Christopher Miller Richardson, TX $860


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