2005 Five - Diamond World Poker Classic
2005 Jason Kirk  

This year's installment of the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic has been running at the Bellagio for the last week and a half, crowning eight new champions in preliminary events and handing out over $5.1 million in prize money. All of this year's events are no-limit hold'em freezeouts, and most of the final tables so far have featured multiple professionals. Several players have had multiple cashes, including Men "The Master" Nguyen, Orlando Maldonado, Gavin Smith, Gary Do, James Van Alstyne, Joe Sebok, and Doug Carli. Here's a rundown of the results so far.

In Event #1, a $1,500+70 tournament, 274 players entered to create a $664,450 prize pool. Just missing out on the money were 2005 WSOP Main Event runner-up David Williams, who left in 12th, and Barry Greenstein, who finished 13th. The final table finishers were:

1 Lars Bonding Aarhus, Denmark  $199,870
2 Tony Ma El Monte, CA $107,700
3 Scott Epstein Las Vegas, NV $53,850
4 Mo Fathipour Tarzana, CA $30,775
5 John Harris Staley, NC $23,080
6 Tom Pniak Las Vegas, NV $17,950
7 Mike Gracz Raleigh, NC $12,820
8 Roc Bingham San Diego, CA $10,255
9 John Evans Herndon, VA $8,205

In Event #2, a $2,000+80 tournament, 261 players entered to fight over a total prize pool of $506,340. Several pros made the money but missed the final table, including "Minneapolis" Jim Meehan, former WPT Championship title holder Martin DeKnijff, and James Van Alstyne. The final table finishes were:

1 Steve Diamantas Tampa, FL $188,985
2 Ken Einiger Las Vegas, NV $100,975
3 Keith Gipson Huntsville, AL $50,490
4 Kelly Kim Whittier, CA $28,850
5 Chris McCormick Las Vegas, NV $21,640
6 John Hoang Garden Grove, CA $16,830
7 Men Nguyen Bell Gardens, CA $12,020
8 Fred Berger Slidell, LA $9,615
9 Liz Lieu Los Angeles, CA $7,695

The $2,500+100 Event #3 attracted 243 players and generated a prize pool of $589,275. Only 18 players made the money in this tough field. CardPlayer columnist Joe Sebok bubbled out of the final table, which played out as follows:

1 Orlando Maldonado Miami, FL $234,095
2 Scotty Nguyen Henderson, NV $124,030
3 Jeff Cohen Parkland, FL $62,015
4 David Cossip El Paso $33,830
5 Rodeen Talebi Dallas, TX $25,370
6 JC Tran Sacramento, CA $19,730
7 Anthony Reategui Chandler, AZ $14,095
8 Eugene Katchaloy Brooklyn, NY $11,275
9 Bobby Orr Deerfield Beech, FL $9,020

Event #4, a $3,000+100 tournament, fielded 233 entries and generated a prize pool of $678,030. Doug Carli, who made the final table of the WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana in November, finished in 15th place, just behind Can Kim Hua in 14th. The final table results follow:

1 Quinn Do Seattle, WA $266,935
2 Ben Roberts London, England $143,555
3 Vernon Martin Severna Park, MD $71,780
4 Loi Phan Seattle, WA $39,145
5 Young Phan Irvine, CA $29,365
6 Fabrice Soulier Paris, France $22,840
7 Nam Le Huntington Beach, CA $16,315
8 David Kim Honolulu, HI $13,050
9 David Brooks Southlake, TX $10,440

Event #5, a $5,000+15 tournament, had 200 entrants for a total prize pool of $970,000. Alan Goehring, Gavin Smith, Jean Gaspard, and Joe Sebok all made the money but missed out on the final table action. The final table lineup and results were as follows:

1 Mark Teltscher London, England $374,965
2 Emad Alabsi Cleveland, OH $207,790
3 Carl Olson Seattle, OH $103,895
4 Michael Mizrachi Hollywood, FL $56,660
5 Lee Markholt Eatonville, WA $42,505
6 Franchois Safieddine Denver, CO $33,060
7 Ross Dove Hillsborough, CA $23,615
8 Salim Batshon Foster City, CA $18,890
9 Darrell Dicken Waterloo, IA $15,110

The buy-in dropped back down to $1,500+60 for Event #6, and 405 players entered to create a $589,275 prize pool. 50 players made the money in this event, more than any other event at the Five-Diamond this year. The final table results were:

1 Jan Sjavik Oslo, Norvay $194,635
2 Joe Tehan Las Vegas, NV $101,480
3 Jae Bahn Portland, OR $53,560
4 Chris McCormack Las Vegas, NV $30,960
5 Bill Croft Las Vegas, NV $22,250
6 Dan Alspach La Jolla, CA $15,785
7 Morris Klevansky Las Vegas, NV $11,275
8 Tom Franklin Gulfport, MS $9,020
9 Phil Matthews Las Vegas, NV $7,895

Event #7, with a $2,000+80 buy-in, had 297 players enter for a shot at the $576,180 prize pool.

1 David Plastik Las Vegas, NV $212,730
2 Gioi Luong Westminster, CA $115,645
3 Robert Durant Los Angeles, CA $57,820
4 Clonie Gowen Dallas, TX $33,035
5 Brian Stonoff Scottsdale, AZ $24,780
6 Ryan Hartmann Minneapolis, MN $19,275
7 Doug Carli Alliance, OH $13,765
8 Johan Storakers Stockholm, Sweden $11,015
9 Francois Safieddine Denver, CO $8,810

Event #8 featured a $2,500+100 buy-in, 274 entrants, and a $664,450 prize pool. Among the professionals making the money but missing the final table were Dewey Tomko, Marco Traniello, and bubble boy Gavin Smith.

1 Don Barton Pahrump, NV $242,745
2 Kris Fields Cincinnati, OH $134,180
3 Orlando Maldonado Miami, FL $67,090
4 Cory Carroll Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada $38,325
5 Owen Crowe Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada $28,755
6 Men Nguyen Bell Gardens, CA $22,365
7 Curt Kohlberg Weston, MA $15,975
8 Bobby Law Chetek, WI $12,780
9 Max Pescatori Las Vegas, NV $10,225

The Five-Diamond World Poker Classic Seniors Event will kick off on Friday, December 9th, and play out on the 10th and 11th. Super satellites to the World Poker Tour main event will run on both Saturday December 10th and Sunday December 11th at 1 PM, with an entry fee of $1,500+70. The $15,000+300 main event will begin on Monday December 12th and finish play on Friday December 16th.

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