Borgata Winter Poker Open - Day 2
2006, Jason Kirk  

One hundred sixty-five players began Day Two of the Borgata Winter Open. They all dreamed of making the money, but in a reminder of the brutal nature of tournament poker only 75 of them would see any cash for their efforts. The money bubble was far enough off that nobody made an effort to slow down play, and things moved along nicely throughout the day. Plenty of notable players remained in the field at the end of Day One, which meant of course that some of them would have to leave the field on Day Two. Among the players who took a walk were Tex Barch, Andy Black, Steve Brecher, Steve Dannenmann, Freddy Deeb, Chris Fargis, Barry Greenstein, Brian Haveson, Matt Hilger, John Juanda, Matt Matros, Carlos Mortensen, Scotty Nguyen, Mark Schaech, Alan Schein, Ylon Schwartz, Joe Sebok, Gavin Smith, and David Williams.

Probably the biggest hand of the day was played out by local favorite (and member of Team Full Tilt) John D'Agostino. After waiting all day for an opportunity to pounce on James Fletcher he finally limped in with 9-6 and caught bottom pair on the flop. After leading out and getting a call from Fletcher, D'Agostino turned two pair. Both players checked with a straight draw on the board, and the river gave D'Agostino a full house. On the river D'Agostino bet $40,000, Fletcher raised to $80,000, and D'Agostino moved the bet a total of $180,000. Fletcher finally called and turned over the straight, sending the biggest pot of the day into D'Agostino's stack and propelling him into a chip lead he never let go.

The Borgata Winter Open has progressed smoothly through its first two days, thanks to a staff of competent floor people and dealers. They run a tight ship at the Borgata, and it shows when the tournament runs along without any major hitches. With only 33 players to keep track of on Day Three, things should be just as smooth. Play will continue until only 6 players remain, setting up the final table for play on Wednesday.

Day Two Ending Chip Counts
1. John D'Agostino 988K
2. Kenny Schuyler 734K
3. Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy 573K
4. Bill "The Stunning One" Edler 529K
5. Dane Jorgensen 519K
6. John Duthie 465K
7. Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi 414K
8. Erick Lindgren 412K
9. Louise Francoeur 402K
10. Mike Goodman 374K
11. Pete Skyllas 370K
12. Will Tong 337K
13. Ronnie Cauthen 317K
14. Richard Kirsch 297K
15. Eugene Todd 235K
16. Denis Ethier 223K
17. Josh Spiegelman 219K
18. Dennis January 190K
19. Don Mullis 188K
20. Amnon Filippi 175K
21. Joseph Miceli 171K
22. Peter Feldman 170K
23. Mike Sica 163K
24. Marc Nantais 158K
25. Leonard Green 145K
26. Jim Lester 135K
27. Richard Dabal 118K
28. Stuart Patterson 94K
29. Erik Seidel 79K
30. Chris Reslock 78K
31. Vlad Mezheritsky, Jr. 76K
32. Jorge Arias 47K
33. Greg Cash 47K

Day Two Money Winners

$14,783 winners
34. Matt Hilger (Atlanta, GA)
35. John Juanda (Marina Del Ray, CA)
36. Michael Lewis (Westin, CT)
37. Alan Schein (N. Miami, FL)
38. Michael Esposito (Seaford, NY)
39. Sean Armstrong (Egg Harbor, NJ)
40. Bill Kaczynski (Scotch Plains, NJ)
41. Brian Haveson (Newtown, PA)
42. Tony Solerno (Howell, NJ)
43. Jeff King (Colchester, CT)
44. Rich Murnick (Montclair, NJ)
45. Mark Schaech (Eldridge, MD)
46. James Fletcher (Carney, MD)
47. Albert Muir (Ansonia, CT)
48. Curt Kohlberg (Weston, MA)
49. Richard Aquino (Kearny, NJ)
50. Robert Weitzner (New York, NY)

$12,935 winners
51. Richard Tatalovich (Scottsdale, AZ)
52. Scott Paston (Old Westbury, NY)
53. Nick Feoli (Richboro, PA)
54. Greg Fondacaro (Sewell, NJ)
55. Emmanuel Syragakis (Montreal, Canada)
56. Joe Sebok (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
57. Feming Chan (Cranbury, NY)
58. Andy Black (Dublin, Ireland)
59. Tommy Wang (White Plains, NY)
60. Frank Vizza (Cold Spring Harbor, NY)
61. Alexander Magor (Woodmere, NY)
62. Thomas Martelli (Sewell, NJ)
63. Mark Lurenfeld (Virginia Beach, VA)
64. Nick Grudzien (Mt. Vernon, NY)
65. Jonathan Zuckowski (Jupiter, Florida)
66. Scotty Nguyen (Las Vegas, NV)
67. Daniel Yanofski (West Orange, NJ)
68. Ron Schiffmani (Cherry Hill, NJ)
69. John Cullen (Farmingdale, NJ)
70. Ylon Schwartz (Brooklyn, NY)
71. Dean Schultz (Lewis Center, OH)
72. Andrew Schwartz (Boca Raton, FL)
73. Chris Fargis (Brooklyn, NY)
74. Mark Webber (Sickerville, NJ)
75. Vinod Vangimalla (Silver Springs, MD)

Day Three Starting Seat Assignments

1-1 Richard Kirsch 297K
1-2 Denis Ethier 223K
1-3 Dane Jorgensen 519K
1-4 Peter Feldman 170K
1-5 Greg Cash 47K
1-6 Jorge Arias 47K
1-7 Vlad Mezheritsky, Jr. 76K
1-8 Marc Nantais 158K

2-1 John D'Agostino 988K
2-2 Jim Lester 135K
2-3 Ronnie Cauthen 317K
2-4 Patterson 94K
2-5 John Duthie 465K
2-6 Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy 673K
2-7 Bill "The Stunning One" Edler 529K
2-8 Leonard Green 145K
2-9 Will Tong 337K

3-1 Joe Miceli 171K
3-2 Don Mullis 188K
3-3 Gene Todd 235K
3-4 Erick Lindgren 412K
3-5 Kenny Schuyler 734K
3-6 Josh Spiegelman 219K
3-7 Louise Francoeur 402K
3-8 Michael Goodman 374K

4-1 Richard Dabal 118K
4-2 Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi 414K
4-3 Pete Skyllas 370K
4-4 Chris Reslock 78K
4-5 Erik Seidel 79K
4-6 Mike Sica 163K
4-7 Amnon Filippi 175K
4-8 Dennis January 190K

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