Stay Away from Tilting
by Greg Cavouras  

Ever become so angry or frustrated with an opponent’s play that you call a questionable hand just to make a point? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Everybody has, at some time or another, let their emotions go at the poker table, and it usually does nothing but cost money. That’s what this tip is about, the dreaded loss of control known as Tilting.

Tilting happens at the poker table when we make plays we normally wouldn’t because of external factors- for obvious reasons, this is bad news! A fundamental key to survival (and avoiding bankruptcy!) at the poker table is to keep your emotions in check- don’t let anger, frustration, fatigue, or disappointment take control of you, because in a challenging situation like poker, success requires that you maintain focus and reason at all times. This is one of the big aspects that separates the professionals from the wanna-bes; you rarely ever see a professional lose his cool and break focus at the poker table, and I guarantee you never see someone who does that win a tournament. This isn’t to say don’t play a draw, or don’t go with your instinct- those are completely different aspects of the game.

While it may sound simple, in application remaining calm can be very difficult, and it is one of the challenges any player faces when they sit down. Poker, while immediately external, is also remotely internal, and in order to be successful, you need to give yourself every advantage possible. Think about that next time you sit down at the table, whether it be among friends or at a 2000 player tournament, if you remain calm and in control, you’re sure to have an advantage.

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