Playing Online Poker with a Rakeback Program

Online poker is simple, convenient and filled with incentives. New poker rooms sprout up every day. As more and more sites start vying for your deposit dollars, you’ll be exposed to a variety of promotional incentives. Each site has to offer new players something in return for their business. Some sites offer freerolls and loyalty programs. Other sites have initial deposit bonuses and reload bonuses. The latest promo out there is rakeback. If you play online poker with any degree of seriousness, then you need to take advantage of these rakeback deals.

Understanding the Rake in Online Poker

The rake is the fee that every poker room takes out of every pot. Land-based poker rooms take out a higher rake percentage than online poker sites. When you play poker online, expect a five percent deduction from every pot. This rake amount will typically be capped at around $3 to $5. If you want to get a return on these table taxes, then you need to get involved with a rakeback plan.

What Are Rakeback Programs?

Third party affiliate sites offer rakeback programs. Affiliate sites are separate entities that operate outside of actual poker rooms. These affiliate sites drive new players to various poker playing destinations online. In exchange for new player accounts, affiliates will get a portion of the monthly gross revenue that is generated by each player that they have referred. In order to get more players to visit their site (and subsequently sign up for poker accounts), third party affiliates will offer players a percentage of their monthly gross revenue (or net rake). Your average rakeback percentage will be around 30 percent. In order to sign up for a rakeback program, you have to open up a new online poker room account through an affiliate site. So if you for example want Cake Poker rakeback or Betfair rakeback you are not allowed to have existing accounts at Cake Poker or Betfair.

Tournament Fees and Bonus Considerations

Some poker sites will deduct your bonuses from your net rake. This will lower the amount of rakeback cash you receive. Some sites will include tournament fees as part of your net rake, other sites will not. It’s important that you research this info before you sign up for a particular rakeback plan. Because you will have to open up a new account, you’ll want to make sure that you can take advantage of bonuses and rakeback deals. If you are primarily a tournament poker player, then it is imperative that your tourney fees be included in your net rake. If you never play cash games, you won’t ever generate any rake. Without any generated rake, you can’t get any rakeback dollars. If you love tournaments, make sure that the rakeback plan you choose will include your fees in your monthly gross revenue.

Playing Internet poker without a rakeback plan makes no sense. You want to take advantage of every opportunity you have to grow your bankroll. Rakeback is returned money that you won’t even remember you lost. As long as you carefully read the terms of your rakeback offer, you should be able to find a rakeback program that will work for you.

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