Playing on Tilt
2006 Jeremy Myers  

The game of poker is certainly an exciting one, and playing on tilt can make an already exciting endeavor even more so. There are many ways to tilt, and it is important for the player to know how they work. Most poker players have witnessed firsthand the devastating effect of the true meaning of tilt, and for the other players it can certainly be a great thing to see the player throwing money at everybody. Most smart poker players, of course, do not go over their limit to that extent.

Most poker players think that they cannot be influenced by the tilt, and some players truly are not affected. However, most players are affected by the tilt at least to some extent. In some situations, most of us can be vulnerable to the devastating affects of the tilt.

The most dangerous kind of tilt of all is called the semi-hidden tilt. This tilt is partly hidden since it is not a true tilt, but it certainly acts like one. There is a subtle manner to the semi-tilt, and this one progresses very slowly, one step at a time. This is how someone can fall victim to the tilt without even knowing it, and this can quickly bring the player under the influence of the tilt.

The key is to analyze your own game to see if you have ever been titled, or if you may tend to tilt. If you have been tilted, you can count that as another bad part of the game, and you can try to eradicate that tendency to tilt. The semi-hidden tilt is different from the classic tilt in that it can appear due to simple boredom, or because you have left yourself lower your poker standards to match those of your opponents. In this case, the solution is to play your best and to never allow yourself to be influenced by the tilting process.

The key to avoiding the affects of the tilt is to monitor your current game and be sure that you are making all the best moves. To avoid the tilt try to imagine yourself in a very important game or poker tournament. Then imagine that everyone other than your opponents can see your cards, and therefore everyone is able to judge you. For instance, imagine that your game is being broadcast live on some television program and everyone you know is watching. If you make a mistake, everyone will know that mistake, and they will tell you about it every chance they get. This is one of the best ways to urge yourself to always play your best, and to play in a way the professionals and poker experts would approve of.

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