Poker Terminology


In Hold’em (or Omaha) the fifth and last community card dealt is known as the River. This also generally refers to the last card dealt in all games.



A very tight or passive player who rarely shows sign of aggression.


Running Cards

When two or more cards are dealt that drastically improve the strength of a hand, for example:

You Hold: 10(H) Q(H)

The flop comes: A(D) 4(S) 8(H)

You would need to catch two Running hearts to complete your flush.



A small tournament in which the top players qualify for a progressively larger tournament.


Second Pair

Second Pair is when a player pairs the second best card on the board. For example:

You Hold: 10(H) J(S)

Flop Comes: 4(S) J(C) A(H)

Your pair of Js is known as Second Pair, because a Pair of As (top pair) is possible.



To call an outstanding bet is to See it.


Seven Card Stud

A poker game where each player who stays through to the end receives 3 hole cards and 4 shown (non community) cards. Each player remaining forms the best possible 5 card hands from their 7 cards, and the top 5 card hand wins the pot.


Short Handed

Refers to a table with relatively few players; many players will alter their strategy significantly in a Short Handed game.


Show Cards

In Stud games, these are the cards you hold which are displayed for other players to see during the game.



The comparison of the hands of remaining players. This occurs at the conclusion of all betting for the hand, at which point the showdown occurs and remaining players reveal their hands to determine a winner.


Side Pot

Bets made outside of the initial pot are considered to form a Side Pot. Usually this happens when more than two players are in a hand, and one of them is all in and the other players have more chips available than the player whom is all in. Because he is not entitled to win more chips than he bets, and is unable to bet more than all he has, the other players with the higher chip count can make a Side Pot between them so that if the low-stacked player wins, he does not collect more than he wagered. In this situation, if the low-stacked player did win, the better hand amongst the higher-stacked players would win the side pot.


Slow Play

Slowplaying is to play a relatively strong hand deceptively weakly or passively, in order to bait more players to remain in the hand and increase the pot.



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