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Old 01-17-06, 09:39 AM
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ElGod ElGod is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Default Big MTT Wins

Anyone had any experience of big MTT wins? best ive ever come in a MTT was 6th for $300 on the bodog $15 $13,500 guarenteed. A friend (not any more ) just won the bodog $100,000 guarenteed $100 entry the other day with a field of around 750 for a mighty $25,000!!!!

i'd really like to hear of anyones big wins, whenever i do well and reach say the lasy 5%, i always find myself going bust on hands where i am the favourite, i think i lost the tourny i mentioned above when i called an all in with AK and lost to A8. Find the crap shoots at the end really annoying, seems you just have to push with lots of hands and try to get away with it?! anyone got any advice for this section of the tournament? Also to anyone who has won or placed very highly, did you feel you got really lucky to win winning say 90% of the all in's you were in?
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Old 01-17-06, 01:42 PM
UofTNick's Avatar
UofTNick UofTNick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Grimsby, Ontario
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I myself have never had any really big wins (the biggest was $100) - but that's because i typically only play freerolls or small buy-ins. Up to this point I haven't played a big enough buy-in to have a really big payout.

I do however agree that for some tourneys ( depending on how long they've been running and how fast the blinds increase) come down to you folding or pushing. There is no middle ground simply because the blinds are so big. Others I have found are the complete opposite though, and it was like a chess match, because the blinds were significantly smaller than the average stack, so a lot of betting could occur. It all depends on the tourney really.
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Old 01-17-06, 03:44 PM
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Yearbookpoker Yearbookpoker is offline
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I've won $250 in a tourney once but nothing bigger than that. I played in a $20 big tourney and finished 4th I think. It's not much but I usually play $5 tourneys and that one I tried really hard and pulled out a nice cash. I deffinitely agree with both of your guys assessments on the end of the tourney. Most sites including titan have blinds go pretty damn quick and it makes it hard even if your the chip leader to just sit there and play normal. You have to hope to double up alot and be smart going about it. I would suggest when it gets down to the latter parts of a tourney to watch your oponents. The ones that move all in alot...don't try and bluff. The ones who play slow you can check to or just call their blinds.
I got the nuts!!!
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Old 01-17-06, 04:21 PM
beriac beriac is offline
Short Stack
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Personally, I haven't played a lot of big MTT tournaments yet. I've placed in the odd freeroll for $10-20 here and there, and I've won my share of the SnG's I've played. But I've shied away from the MTTs as I've built up my bankroll because the odds seem a lot longer, so it seems like a less stable way to build a bankroll. Thoughts? Should I be looking more at them?
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Old 01-18-06, 05:49 AM
ElGod's Avatar
ElGod ElGod is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
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I think they are definitely worth a try, its all about just waiting for that one big win! i would definitely stay away from MTT's if your bankroll can't pay for at least 100 entries for them as the swings are so huge and a lot of the time even if you place, you will only get say 2-3x your entry fee back, all the money is on the final table. But if you are successful in SnG's i guess its a possible step up, i am most a SnG player aswell, i just see them as paying for my MTT entrances, now i just need to get a good placing to rocket my bankroll so i can progress!
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Old 01-18-06, 07:20 AM
BadAndy BadAndy is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 160
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I've won a $2500 MTT with 645 entrants. I got first place and the payout was $625 for me. I have come in 2nd in a $750 freezout winning about $160 and I have come in 4th in a $1500 Freezeout for about $200 as well. Other than that, I have just been freerolling and playing small buyins and sitNgo's. Next time I win, I'll get a screen shot and put it on here.

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Old 01-22-06, 07:53 AM
6PackBear 6PackBear is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Default Loser !!!

I actually paid $150 + 12 to play in the 100K guaranteed at AP last night. Everyone thought I am nuts.

Guess I had accumulated 200 in my account from wins and thought how fun might it be to try for some big money.

Well before you know it, my chips are down to almost nothing...BUT...only 67 players left in tourney. (63 and up pays)

I pray for a miracle so that I might recoup my investment at least.

VOILA....Pocket Aces (no, not the miracle)

NO, not all in....just a regular bet...everyone else folds (THAT's THE MIRACLE) LOL ...and I win enough to make it....

60th place !!! HAHA and a profit of $88

It was stupid but I learned a valuable lesson and gained a lot of experience.

Next time, I will try to win a spot instead of paying so much.
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