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Old 09-01-05, 10:23 AM
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Default The Importance of Table Selection

If you've mastered the basics but still aren't winning as much as you think you should, you probably haven't honed your table selection skills.

Readd and discuss the article at -
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Old 09-01-05, 12:32 PM
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great post i must say. i never thought of it like that.
although i guess there's a different approach when it comes to your objectives

most of the time your case would be right, if you are playing to win, definitely choose the second table due to the reasons explained.

yet, especially in online poker (and i gues.. only online poker), many people are in it for the bonus, they try and play to clear the bonus so their approach should be a little different according to what the requireents are.

case 1: you must contribute to the pot that is beaing raked in order to clear your bonus: in this case, it's better to follow the article and play to win, since you'll HAVE TO pay atleast the blinds to clear the bonus, u'd rather be in a table where play is passive, so you have a chance to win the hands which you contribute to play.

case 2: definition of a raked hand is one where you are dealt cards and pot is raked, no need to contribute to the pot. if this is the case, you might wanna choose to be in the aggressive room, (higher view flop percentage makes it better too) seeing as then you can play tight to clear your bonus, you'll only play the premium hands so you'll profit by playing tight and aggressive, and you'll still clear the bonus quickly cuz pot is gonna reach high rake even when you fold. (due to other aggresive players)

anyways, just a comment from me... another long one i guess :S
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Old 12-04-05, 09:53 AM
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Good article.

The biggest mistake I see people make is they just sit down at the first table with an opening. Even if some guy sitting there has something ridiculous like 1500x the bb. Or they see that a guy is sitting with that much money and they figure that they can just strip him of his winnings. I myself don't like to sit at a table and get that high stacked. I'm playing 5/10 and other decent NL blinds, mainly over my bankroll. I grind it out, so I look for a table with maybe one guy over the maximum buyin and a few others just sitting with enough that I can buy-in for more than them.

Also, I'm not sure what other sites do for notetaking on other players or what you do personally, but I always sit with my "Buddy List". The higher the limit you play, the less of a variety of players you'll see. Get a feel for a group and write down their names. My own buddy list has started to decline because I picked out who I thought were the absolute worst $5/10 players and they've gone on to bust. My new buddy list is all about aggressive players, because I've found success sitting with the allin nuts or the guys that would kill to steal $15.

It's worth it to keep an eye on the lobby for a good table for 15 minutes, looking for your "Friends" or just a group of guys with good chip stacks that won't bully you around.
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Old 01-14-06, 03:35 PM
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Default Food for thought...

Very interesting article. I confess, when I first read the table descriptions, I thought "oh yeah, table 1 for sure", but it's true, reading pot size per flop player is another important metric.

I have to admit, table selection has not been a strong suit of mine to day. I think it's something I will work on.

One of the things I love about poker is that there are so many things to work on, skills to build, practice to get, etc...
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