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Old 08-30-05, 04:29 PM
ScottMc ScottMc is offline
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Default Table etiquette.

Where have all the good sports gone? I have been playing for about 2 months on Noble and I have noticed something that really is disturbing.

No one has etiquette any more. Whether it be the HIT and RUN CLOWNS or the table know it all that has to analyze every play you make it has simply gone over the top.

First of lets address HIT and RUN players. We all see them. The sit down at limits that they can not possibly play or be comfortable at, they do not have any ability to play to start with and they wouldn't know post flop play if it hit them in the face with a stick. These are the guys that move all in with any two cards and will hit a lucky flop and leave the room.


Please make the all in pre-flop play as often as you like against me with your K9 and your 10J and your lucky hand 10-5 off suit. Just have some character and BALLS to stick around and defend your win.

I have had 3 players this week pull the hit and run. I have lost a total of $37.63 to this. This is a very small portion of my playing roll. I have tracked down each of these 3 players since then and have made $98.41 cents by kicking their weasel butts at other tables.

It would serve any of these players better to sit down at a limit they can afford, log some table time, learn to play and make some money.

Second lets talk about the table experts.


Yes I know that I played a half assed hand and won with the second nut to your 17 out draw and how could I have ever called you preflop when you raised 4x the BB from MP with your AK and then moved all in over the top of you when my bottom pair was all I had.

You know why I did it? I have been playing cards since I was 8 years old and in the last 25 years I have played more poker than you. Just in the last 3 years I have played more poker than you. Lets do so math on it shall we?

I have been playing online for 5 nights a week for the last 3 years. Some times more sometimes less but the average is 5 nights a week online. I play in the ball park of 400 hands a night on a slow night and have done as many as 2000 in a night, for argument sake we will use the lowest #. That would put me in the ball park of 312,000 hands a year just in the low end of online play alone. After seeing this many hands I think I know when my bottom pair is going to beat you ACE HIGH champ.

Now that I have let go on some of these things I would like to ask you guys to list some of the table etiquette issues you have. Lets hear all the pet peeves you run into at the poker table.

Keep in mind that I am fully aware that by writing in this obnoxious manner that I am going to get a few hate responses down below... I fully expect them and that is what makes a good chat and a good forum
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