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Old 04-18-08, 08:40 PM
vukojebina vukojebina is offline
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Better against tight good players you have a read on... since amateurs usually are either dumb and will chase any draw and won't fold AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, JQ... even if they miss the flop. Or they'll hit some middle pair and call your bluffs to the river. With amateurs if you want to bluff go for call bluffs. Call their bets after the flop (look for smaller ones, not when they overbet the pot or bet the pot... the ones around 1/3 1/2 of the pot) if they check on turn that means they've missed, so bets around 2/3 of the pot usually will make them fold.

And for comment about shortstacks the best way for amateurs. I don't think so, since there is a simple counterstrategy to shortstacking - raising them. I raise them mostly all-in everytime I hit the flop in someway or I think they've missed it. Or I put them all-in when I hold really strong hands preflop, so it takes away their advantages. They don't have the time, since blinds represent a big portion of their stack, so they have one, two full rings of time to make their play. I can sometimes go 50 hands without even seeing the flop when the cards run bad. So shortstack might raise with his AT offsuit preflop and if he is reraised all-in then what.. is he going to risk it with mediocre hand or is he gonna fold. The same way goes for playing AJ and the flop comes 9JK, he can maybe try a little bet post flop and will be raised all-in by me. So he folds and half of his stack is gone, or he calls and I turn over the king. Or he can go all-in and with any K i'll definetly call him.

You'll never learn good poker while shortstacking, you are limited to 2 maybe 3 bets in the game, you'll rarely be able to bet on turn - and your bets will be like 1/8 of the pot on the turn, you won't be able to bluff people on turn or river, you won't be able to protect your hand - since pot odds will always be in favour of the one that is chasing. And you can forget about suited connectors, small pocket pairs, suited aces, suited gappers... the cards when they hit they double up my maximum allowed stack at the table.

After you've learned the game and how to win, then you can use shortstacking in some situations. You'll learn way more playing with big stack from the beggining.

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