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Old 10-23-07, 04:06 AM
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Warbuff Warbuff is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Default Pocket 10's vs Ace King

While generally I like to see a cheap flop and hope to nail a set or see all under cards with a rainbow I'm more interested knowing if I played this hand correctly short stacked

here's the table and stack sizes I was at in order starting with the small blind + a description of the players 8th round of a 60.00 buy in tournaments 18 players remain table was fairly tight

SB Paul 37,600 Tight aggressive, great over all player
BB Tom 9,725 Rock, weak tight
A Dominick 26,450 Tight aggressive, savy
B Joeanne 14,600 Rock, plays for value
C Me 6,700 Tight aggressive, lost big pot recently
D Keith 7,900 Weak, tight plays his blinds if they aren;t raised
E Mike 12,100 loose, aggressive like to play Ax/Kx
F Tom 7,850 Maniac, all in several times with just top pair
Button Jamie 2,700 Tight aggressive, bad beat ak lost to ak river flush

blinds 300/600 50 anti

450 anti, + 900 pot is 1350 A & B call pot is 2250

(hand 10d 10h

in c position I have pocket ten's I wasn't terribly short stacked but felt the need to make a move, with 3 minutes until the next round and the blinds just two positions away I felt 10's were my best opportunity to get some chip and give myself a chance to contend.

if I waited out the blinds for a hand and got nothing for it I would loose 4 anti 's 200 plus the increased blinds 400 & 800 dropping my stack down to 5200 at least with my tens if I were able to steel I could stay even for another around and maybe catch something better so I pushed all in after calling the original 600 for my last 6100

pot is now 8350

D & E Fold

F Calls (the one person I hoped would call) pot is 14,450

Everyone Else folds

F turns over AK

I turn over my 10's

Flop 7h 9d Ah turn Kc River 2s

If I had more of stack I wouldn't have pushed at all but my effective m was only 5 & 10's in that situation are a pretty good hand to push with so I feel i made the right call even though the maniac called ended up catching a king to win

Just curious if anyone thinks I should have tried to wait for a better hand or given the situation that I made the best possible move?

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Old 10-29-07, 03:46 PM
koepihub koepihub is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
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you probably did the right thing. Most of the time I try to see the flop with AK as cheap as possible. Pocket 10's is most likely to win over the AK.
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Old 11-20-07, 12:07 AM
jerry a to Z jerry a to Z is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
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he would have pushed you all in anyway after the flop, i say good play by you, just unfortunate
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