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gynky 05-14-07 12:39 AM

Poker Table
Hi, I just have a question about the Poker Table Games. Why is it that almost every casino carries "Let it Ride", "Caribbean Stud Poker", and "3 card poker"? Some of those other Poker games I was reading about on your website sound cool, but they aren''t around at the Atlantic City locations. Is it because the above games are more popular, or just because the casino makes more money on them? Just wondering since Bally''s and Caesars in Atlantic City are testing the Boston 5 Poker game, and I like that game the best so far. i hope they keep it there. It is nice when the dealer doesn''t have to qualify (the reason why I try to avoid Caribbean stud poker) Thanks for your time

nifycat 05-16-07 02:53 AM

You are referring to Caribbean Draw Poker. This one would be a very difficult game to analyze. At this time I have no plans to analyze it but once it reaches a certain saturation point it will be hard to keep putting it off

luicee 09-20-07 12:22 AM

Ultimately, the games that you see in the casinos are the ones that make the most money for the casinos. For a game to make money the players have to like it. So these games you mention are what players find the most fun. It also helps that they are owned by big gaming companies that have the resources to get them out there in the first place

roil456 03-25-08 04:11 AM

Yeah you are right to some extent every casino has the same game as most of the player likes those games. So it is quite natural that they have to give more stress on those games which are on demand. Otherwise the users can switch to some other gaming portal. And the other thing is that the games which are mostly played worldwide generate more revenue for the sites.

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