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Old 12-18-06, 06:33 AM
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shayner66 shayner66 is offline
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Talking this is the secret!

listen close here!
making money in online texas hold'em poker is really vary easy!
first rember that if you are going to play an online game make sure your not just playing@ lunch when you have like 30 min to get a quick game in.....
you will rushand will loose unluss you get lucky!
make sure you are prepared to sit for an hour @ least in a STT
gererally thay do not take this long and asometimes they take a little longer but if your ready to sit, your ready for the next step!

now you need to wait as tight as a fresh ass! you need to look solid as a rock! so play only rock solid hands early in the game, rember keep in mind your position though as early position people like to call with rockets hoping for a raise so they can reraise.
if you are playing hands l;ike ak and flop is 48q rainbow make a stab at the pot...especially if he/she checks!

but if your called wach out!
money is made @ poker in this way..tight and loose, just remember never bluff unless you have outs!! also never call with nothing chasing is where most people loose their money.
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Old 05-15-07, 05:07 PM
sngstrategy sngstrategy is offline
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If you want to improve your game and build your Bank Roll check out my new website:

Profitable Poker SNG Techniques

I play $27 turbos on pokerstars and have created a free E-Book on my strategies. I average about $150-$450 per 6 hour sng session - take a look!!
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Old 08-11-07, 11:32 AM
Silky Slim32 Silky Slim32 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: USA
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you just got to raise preflop and be aggressive. betting wins pots
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Old 08-23-07, 02:12 AM
hinne21 hinne21 is offline
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play at and go to the cash table,there are cash table for only 2 players,go to the blinds 50/1 and wait,cos there are a lot of idiots who go to the tables with ionly 10 dollar,and big blind is 1 dollar,now sit there down with 70 bucks or more,your opponent has to go all in real soon,use your advantage from your big stack and even if he doubled up than he only has 20 dollar and has to go all in again after a few minutes,it is really fast way to earn a lot of moneys cos there are a lot of idiots,cos a playe4r who sitts down with 10 dollar at a 50/1 table is not a good player and is on tilt
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