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Old 10-07-06, 07:18 AM
Graves69 Graves69 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 66
BBP Points: 0
Talking Assase my play, 10-Jo

And of course, that's ASSES

My 1st big victory happened just moments ago
Place was Absolute 0.10 table:

Stage #463710509: Holdem No Limit $0.10 - 2006-10-07 09:32:53.013 (ET) [ 2006-10-07 09:32:53 ]
Table: Delray Beach (Real Money) Seat #8 is the dealer
Seat 8 - TRICUSPIDE ($4.65 in chips)
Seat 9 - GRAVES69 ($12.15 in chips)
Seat 2 - COMEDY BOB ($4.90 in chips)
Seat 5 - FRIESISCH ($10.70 in chips)
Seat 6 - JIM1234 ($10.65 in chips)
Seat 7 - FAST14 ($6 in chips)
GRAVES69 - Posts small blind $0.05
COMEDY BOB - Posts big blind $0.10
Dealt to GRAVES69 [10d Jc]
JIM1234 - Calls $0.10
FAST14 - Calls $0.10
TRICUSPIDE - Calls $0.10
GRAVES69 - Calls $0.05
*** FLOP *** [8c 7h Ad]
GRAVES69 - Checks
JIM1234 - Checks
FAST14 - Checks
*** TURN *** [8c 7h Ad] [5s]
GRAVES69 - Checks
JIM1234 - Checks
FAST14 - Checks
*** RIVER *** [8c 7h Ad 5s] [9h]
GRAVES69 - Bets $0.30
JIM1234 - Raises $0.60 to $0.60
FAST14 - Folds
TRICUSPIDE - Raises $2.50 to $2.50
GRAVES69 - All-In(Raise) $11.75 to $12.05
JIM1234 - All-In $9.95
TRICUSPIDE - All-In $2.05
GRAVES69 - returned ($1.50) : not called
*** SHOW DOWN ***
GRAVES69 - Shows [10d Jc] (Straight, seven to jack)
JIM1234 - Mucks
GRAVES69 Collects $11.41 from side pot-1
GRAVES69 Collects $13.44 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($26.15:$14.15,$12) | Rake ($1.30:$0.71,$0.59)
Board [8c 7h Ad 5s 9h]
Seat 2: COMEDY BOB (big blind) HI:
Seat 5: FRIESISCH Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 6: JIM1234 HI:
Seat 7: FAST14 HI:
Seat 8: TRICUSPIDE (dealer) HI:
Seat 9: GRAVES69 (small blind) collected Total ($24.85) All-In HI$24.85)

So what ya'll think about my play?
2 me this was a huge leap and a big booster 4 my career I believe

Last edited by Graves69 : 10-07-06 at 07:22 AM.
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Old 10-07-06, 09:09 AM
Rising_Shark Rising_Shark is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 10
BBP Points: 0

There doesn't seem to be a lot of play done in this hand. Everyone called pre flop and checked it down to the river and you hit your gut shot and took everyone's money. It was definatly a nice chain of events for you though. so good job
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Old 10-07-06, 09:22 AM
Lytspeed's Avatar
Lytspeed Lytspeed is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Federal Heights, CO
Posts: 632
BBP Points: 103

You played it well, Graves, and your opponents were not very smart. I'm guessing that one of them had a set of aces and the other had a lower straight, and when you pushed all-in, that should have made them both think hard about calling, especially since this was a cash game.

In the end, you had a great set of cards and some pretty lame opponents, and since you made the proper play, you had a big payout. Congratulations!
Just my $.02/$.04
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Old 10-08-06, 08:27 AM
ad1129's Avatar
ad1129 ad1129 is offline
Chip Leader
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Toms River, NJ
Posts: 269
BBP Points: 6
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You played the hand well. Nice river .
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Old 11-19-06, 01:00 AM
Jagrbst Jagrbst is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 31
BBP Points: 90

I can remember almost the same play on full tilt.
I was in middle position and raised it 3 BB's with 10-9 suited.

Flop was 7-6-K rainbow. There was this donkey who don't bet much when he has a hand, always trying to sell it (It's not good to try to sell a pot with the top pair) . I put him on at least K-Q, problably A-K thought.

Turn card was another 6. He checked and I bet. He called and the river was one of the eights I needed. He bet strong and I raised the minimum (there was almost 25 BB's in the pot) and when he moved in on me the pot was bigger than 200 BB's. I called and showed him my ten high straight.
He showed A-K and I ended up with all his chips. He bought in again and went all in with J-J after my big raise preflop with A-K, I called and caught a King on the flop to break him again.

There are nothing funnier than an angry player.
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Old 11-29-06, 08:56 AM
jack731000 jack731000 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 5
BBP Points: 5
Default haha

that is funny, there really is nothing like an angry poker player on tilt, if it weren't for people on tilt i wouldn't be even with all my deposits and cashouts.
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Old 09-08-07, 08:20 AM
iftimemarian iftimemarian is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 5
BBP Points: 0

thats hurts
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