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sandar 08-29-06 10:33 PM

Favorite Poker Site
Mine is titan and betfred also like ocean

KPRS1 08-30-06 12:29 AM

Still not tried ocean but here it is similiar to Titan due to being under same roof i think.

Still Titan and pacific for me. An sometimes doyles.

sensei24 08-30-06 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by KPRS1 (Post 14957)
Still not tried ocean but here it is similiar to Titan due to being under same roof i think.

Not only Ocean Poker is similar to Titan but was made by the same people who has Titan. They probably thought they will have more success, by opening another poker room in the playtech network.

KPRS1 08-30-06 02:47 PM

I signed up earlier today to ocean done a few hands not to bad. going to try a sng later see how it is maybe in a freeroll if theres one at the time. But hety very similiar to titan if it wasnt different color i would think i was there lol.

sensei24 08-30-06 06:23 PM

There are the same tables.

dovla 08-31-06 08:04 PM

Titan is my favourite site of course.. i spend lot of time there.
ocean, noble, cd, kiwi, betfred and maybe few others are similar to titan (almost the same) , they have same tourneys (i think when you register for one jackpot tourney on titan you're playing vs players from all sites from network) .. but titan is the site i like the most.. (maybe because of that blue color) :)

bobdmb 09-01-06 03:35 AM

I like poker4ever, they are new and have good promotions, freerolls and RP tourneys - the ladder is really great. I also play a lot of cashgames there.

Other rooms where I play are Titan, AbsolutePoker, Poker Heaven (just for the freerolls) and bwin (not really, but I've played there until they changed their software).

iceberg 09-01-06 04:50 AM

I like Titan for their Micros and Party for their monthly Reload Bonuses.

poka902 09-21-06 10:10 PM

My favourite poker site would have to be for the graphics and fast play also live support 24/7 if you need help with any problems.

Laurie 09-22-06 07:32 PM

Anyone like Paradise or Ultimate Bet? These are the two place I first downloaded to my computer. I like both places but my site is Paradise and my husband like Ulitmate.

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