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Old 08-20-06, 01:32 PM
dovla dovla is offline
Chip Leader
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Belgrade - Serbia
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Thumbs down Bad Luck in WPT sattelite :(

i played pokerlistings 1000 points freeroll on titan poker... i was really waiting for that tourney. After some really good plays last week, i was really encouraged to play, and slightly hoping i can break my way to the final table and then, everything is possible it was 202 entrants tourney, first prize was WPT package + 2500$ for expenses (i think that WPT event is held in Atlantic City). I was seated on the table with 4 players playing, the rest of the table was sitouting at the start. And, i get out after 3 minutes.. UTG i was dealt AJ diamonds, in 4-5 players it is a good hand, so i made a standard raise of 80 chips (with blinds 10/20)! I got two callers there, and flop was 10Q2 (with two diamonds, giving me the nut-flush draw). I better 60 in that pot, first guy called, and the other re-raised to 300. I called, the other guy folded.
And then, my card came.. i think it was 7 of diamonds.. i checked, and my opponent moved.. I had the nuts there, i was pleased doubling up so early in tourney and called that.. he showed 1010 and then river came Q.. and my flush couldn't sink his boat.. I was 4 player to go from the tourney. I was really pissed, but not too much, i'm sure i played that hand good, i traped him to move all chips on turn, and he got lucky..

i continued to watch that tourney, and that guy did very well.. he reached the final table and when 5 of them left he was 2nd in chips (about 5k difference between him and chip leader and big difference against other stacks..). And then, the crucial moment.. I don't know if i wanted that he wins the WPT package, but i was really sad when he get out there that way. He was in BB, first low stack moved, then SB (Chip leader), and he called ALL-IN preflop immediatelly (you know, of course he was holding AA)... chip leader had kings, short stack had ladies, and chip leader floped 3rd king. Chip leader (who was the worst player there by my obsevation) won a 190k pot against 2 players to fight for WPT seat, and showing the world his face and name on TV

the other guy is kicked and it was a hup with 265k against 37k.. he started moving every hand, and lost good ammount and got to 10k from his 265k.. i mean, if you lose a WPT 12500$ package with 8 times bigger stack in HUP, you should kill yourself (my opinion) but he got back from 10k to 90k, then to 200k, then lost one pot, next hand moved allin on flush draw and won, and when he took his stack back he won an ALL-IN preflop with 44 against KJ hearts! and besides that pot he won a wpt seat, too

what i wanted to say by this post... hmmmm.. i don't know

i think the point is, every BAD BEAT is giving back as boomerang (the only exception is bigpimp, he always bad beats somebody)! that guy won allin on turn against me (and i can say he played whole tourney and final table really good) then he lost WPT seat with his AA vs KK, i don't want to know what i would do if i was on his place.. (probably crashing my computer and whole room) and that was a freeroll, which could make (and did) dreams of any of 202 players registered (i'm 1$-5$ buy-in player). and,that's the proof of my theory that you can't win any online MTT without too much luck! (but i'm hoping i will win my big tourney main event seat one day ..)

and, i forgot second place was without prize! sorry for long post.
"There's no skill in poker. Poker is a joke. Tournament poker is a joke. Whoever gets most lucky is the next superstar." - Mike Mattusow

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Old 08-21-06, 04:45 AM
sensei24's Avatar
sensei24 sensei24 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Iasi,RO
Posts: 645
BBP Points: 20

That's a nice resume of the tourny.
And i'm sorry for that bad beat you took.

I also lost last week in a $10000 tournament holding straight on turn and moved all-in.
The guy called me and get a boat on the river. Nothing wrong in my play. It was only bad luck.

PS: true, this guy bigpimp is a very good player and nows exactly when he has a chance to give you a bad beat.
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Old 08-21-06, 06:41 AM
godlikev godlikev is offline
Chip Leader
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Campulung
Posts: 273
BBP Points: 2

nice resume dovla..that bad beat really sucked..but u have to look at the problem from that guy's point of view to.he had trips and he considered that he had a good hand...and he had..the river was bad luck for you and luck for him.guess that happens to you some times.
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Old 08-21-06, 06:55 AM
dovla dovla is offline
Chip Leader
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Belgrade - Serbia
Posts: 387
BBP Points: 243

of course, i don't blame him, he had a monster hand there and his play there was great.. after my raise under the gun, i think he put me there on overpair, he had no diamond and tried to protect his hand. and he still had 10 outs (by my calculation) on that turn to win that pot. he played it good, got lucky here, and i'm sorry because he didn't took his deserved WPT seat. But losing with AA so late in tourney like that vs KK, for pot which will give him 80% of all chips, leaving him against 2 short stacked players, i think that HURTED him muuuuuch more than my loss in early stage!

P.S And of course, Sensei - nobody can bad beat BigPimp!
"There's no skill in poker. Poker is a joke. Tournament poker is a joke. Whoever gets most lucky is the next superstar." - Mike Mattusow
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Old 08-21-06, 11:28 AM
BBP Guru's Avatar
BBP Guru BBP Guru is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Blind Bet Poker...where else
Posts: 997
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Dovla, I think you played that hand perfectly. There's no better thought than going all-in with THE NUTS. And i don't care if it's WSOP or WPT final table, I will play the hand just as you did. Even if i put him on a pp and know that he hit a set, i'm still 3-1 fav on the turn to win that hand.
:As: If this isn't the next generation of poker, then what is????:As:
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Old 08-22-06, 09:52 PM
track1697's Avatar
track1697 track1697 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Marlton, NJ
Posts: 542
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Wow! I'd much rather be you then the guy who lost with his Aces. At least you were out early and didn't play the whole game to take a terrible beat as you were celbrating for winning the whole thing.

I agree with Guru, there is nothing you could have done with that hand. You had the nuts and you had to call there. More times then not you will take that pot down.
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