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sesvultures 08-12-06 08:10 PM

Blinds Are Too High
the blinds in WPT are too high just like jscrons said! phil gordon even commented on the web that he feels that the final table becomes more luck than skill because the blinds do not allow players to play the game of poker

jscrons24 08-12-06 08:23 PM

I agree
Phil Gordon wrote a great article about this problem and it wouldn't be fun to play in a positon of blinds where hands like :As: :7c: ...force u to go all in

IvanDrago 08-18-06 04:49 AM

HOw can that be that the blinds go up so high. I was under the impression that the blinds go up every 30 minutes to an hour which is just nuts. And if your playing your hands right then those blinds should be np unless they just keep constantly doubling then your most likely in trouble.


To the End!

SLNiaboc 08-30-06 06:15 PM

i have a lot of luck so i should join

Arjonius 09-03-06 11:16 AM

It's not uncommon at all to sees pros comment about the blind structure for WPT events being faster than they'd like. A seemingly likely explanation is that they want the tournaments to finish because shooting and production time for TV costs money. As a result, they set the blind structure to force action, which means no seven-hour heads-up like in the WPT HORSE event this year because the players simply don't have enough chips to play that way.

el_yanqui 09-17-06 06:41 PM

reduced blinds
but don't you think that if the blinds were reduced it might take hours if not days longer to complete the tournament.

dconnerii 09-19-06 09:15 AM

No matter what the blind structure is or any other thing about a tournament...True players have to evolve and learn to win aganst any set of rules...At the casino I pay at alot they have some touranments with a starting stack of 1000 chips and 20 minute blinds and then they have ones with 3000 stacks and 45 minute blinds the point is to be considered a true player of any sport not just poker you have to be able to play under different conditions all the time like in football where it can be raining snowing or sunny in the game of poker every tourney is different with different rules and different people and styles

evilintentions 09-19-06 10:04 AM

That's why all the pros are clammoring for the tournaments to be set up like the PPT(Professional Poker Tour). The blinds are smaller in jumps and last longer whick favors the pros. They get to play poker instead of it being a all in fest. Daniel Negranu and Barry Greenstein are the biggest fans for changing the format to the world series events. They started about two years ago when poker started to blow up nationally.

funkygepri 09-09-07 11:26 AM

Thats Right
It Makes Me Always Really Aggressive To How Lucky Some Guys Win Because Of The Blinds!!!

lukeyboy135 09-21-07 02:30 PM

m play
High blinds do help you to play with the concept of m though. Although i dont like blinds eating me alive either.

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