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gutts34 07-20-06 03:32 AM

Players that sit out all tourney..
Who thinks players that sit out more than so many hands should be taken off tourneys????

TriptreysNJ 07-20-06 05:51 AM

I do. Its not fair to the other players.

Thinkerbell 07-20-06 06:35 AM

Agreed. I think it's okay to let a sit out go for a while, maybe 10 minutes, just in case somebody's having connection problems. But after that, if you have one directly to your left or right, it's great for you but bad for other players.

penny144 07-20-06 08:25 AM

I think all sites should have a policy on the sittouts, this is unfair for the players. The sites that I have found to be really bad with sittouts are Titan, CD Poker, spades lounge and most of the prima sites. This makes it really hard for players that never sittout, to have to deal with sometimes 8 players sitting out at a 10 players table. This has happened to me more then once, it sucks big time...

So I think something needs to be done, it's not hard to get right off these sittouts for them. Why won't the sites do something about this? They need only to get their programmers to set this up like other sites have done and it works so well. A lot more fun to play with a full table of players then have to deal with all those sittouts. It just makes the game boring and no fun for everyone and gives an advantage to players that are alone at a table bringing their chip stack way up.

Plus our finishing position depends on all those sittouts finishing after the people actually playing are out. I have seen myself being pushed out of a tourney, my finishing position if all those sittouts would have been booted out would have been much higher. How many times does a sittout end up at the finishing table, this is just unfair for all of us and to get to the money...

Lytspeed 07-20-06 08:40 AM

Okay, I'll go on record as being the first person supporting the current sitout policies.

I think that if a player pays the buy-in for the tournament, s/he is entitled to play that tournament however s/he wants. If the player wants to sitout the whole time and try to make it to the money, that is no different than folding every hand, which is a perfectly acceptable strategy (though not necessarily a good one.)

Keep in mind that as the person sits out, s/he also misses out on the opportunity to play great hands like AA, AK, KK, which could advance the player's chip count.

One possible way for a player to abuse this ability is to buy in to multiple tournaments at once and sit out in all of them, hoping to land in the money in some of them. The way PokerStars handles this is by limiting the number of tables one can sit out at any one time, so that sitting out is not profitable.

Yes, I agree that sitters are annoying. I played a game the other day where a person went all-in early, won a big pot, and sat out the rest of the game to finish in the money. In the end, I was racing him on the bubble, but couldn't catch the right cards and wound up finishing just out of the money. Unfortunately, that's the breaks. Whether I like it or not, his strategy is no different from what would happen if he folded every hand after the big win or lost his connection, so that makes it a valid strategy.

eggmahn 07-20-06 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by gutts34
Who thinks players that sit out more than so many hands should be taken off tourneys????

at jetset poker if you do not "sit in" for at least one hand in the first round u are removed. i think this a great way to go

rocknroll 07-30-06 03:12 PM

I think there should be a limit to it, but it should be reasonable.

AP boots players after just the first 5 minutes. I've been just a few minutes late there a few times before and got shut out. that's not cool.

IvanDrago 08-06-06 01:50 PM

I will have to disagree, i love people who sit out because then i steal there blinds. Ever been to a table where literally everyone was sitting out except you? sounds like a fairy tale but i have, its incredible. Also if your shortstacked and a guy is sitting out i'll raise and two cards in in descent or ok positon against him because then they puts pressure on the other guys who will usually fold and your back in the game. Sitter outters cannot call the all in unless they are all in, and also if blinds are 1000/2000, and BB is all in for 250 chips and you push all in and SB folds, your still guaranteed 750 chips lol. So it can be very profitable if you play against the people who are sitting out.


To the End!

ssmooth8 08-24-06 08:28 PM

As much as people say they do not like sitouts I can honestly say for all these players who are saying they don't like they love it. They'd hope they're sitting out when blinds hit 100. I can honestly say I hate when the start of the game there are all sitouts and im the only one at the table. You know how long it takes to collect $30 in chips every hand? It takes forever and it gets real boring. I like trying to make as many chips as I could early. Then if I feel like I could sit out for a break in between I am able to because the blinds wouldn't hurt so bad.

cemfredmd 09-05-06 11:21 AM

I see the sit-outs happen much more frequently in freerolls then I do with tournaments with actual entry fees. That is the choice of the player however, they may feel it is an actual stategy, or maybe they are just playing scared. Afraid that they wont be able to control themselves against betting to much to early. I dont think it is a "strategy" at all myself. You lose too many opportunites to play hands that will make you money. Play tighter then usual. Heck if you want to only play the times you are in the blinds if no one raises. But to sit out totally makes no sense to me. I have taken advantage of it on both Ultimate Bet and PartyPoker, as they have so many people sign up and such a long time between when a tournament fills and when it starts, that I have been at tables at time when I am the only one not sitting out. It gets to the point where you actually have to play slow so that they dont close you table, thus taking away your free chip stream! :)

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