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Old 03-05-06, 08:41 AM
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Default difference

In the following lines i will try to make clear the difference between playing on the cash table and playing in the tourneys, based on my personal experience. Of course both Games has a lot of different sub Games, which may be the the theme of future talks.

Here you must have also in mind that different rooms has some different clients, different rules for some of the tourneys and of course different software, who helps a little most experienced players
(just a brief example here. For the multyplay tourney witha lot of participants you got a lot of sign in players, but sometimes half of them can't maange to play, because of different reasons. Now if you play at Titan the software is very fast and you may found yourself in a table with 9 sitouts or 7 sitouts and 2 active players. In the first way you must play very fast to get blinds of the death soul and to make only rise, when it comes to you... and paying attention for not coming some active player. With another 2 actives you must teach for 10-15 rounds there way of playing, if they are passive you may be the agressor and this will get you a lot of benefits, continiuing to steal blinds. I made some big turn but however let's start with the tourneys. They are three very solid parts:

1. First are all the freerolls with more then 100 players. Here you will find a lot of weak player and you must take benefits of their play at the beginning. But you must pay attention of preflop All ins. It's very dangerous, cos as i told you weak players often go All in with A9, JT and somesort not so strong cards at the beginning. There are others more "brave" fellows, who went all in with every card. But as you know the luck is always next to the beginner. So try to stay away in the first 20 minutes from those All ins. At the same time you must take every chance to see the flop. Even with weak cards (T5, 79, Q5 etc...). When i don't have crazy all ins around me i often called the blind with dead hands 27 or 38. But remember, it's just at the beginning when your stake is more then 25 times bigger then the blind. This will give you a chance to surprise high card players with some low cards on the flop. Never miss suited or neigbour cards at the starting level. Here i left the question open whether you must call to reraise on the preflop. It's another very interesting theme to discus.
Now to be back on the topic.
2. Second are the tourneys with buy ins up to 20 and some private freeroll finals with serious money (specially in the well known leagues). here you have limited players (sometimes buy ins up to 20 that have big guaranted prise collect a lot more persons). Here you must take in mind that against you are mostly serious players. Bigger part of them are tight ones, but the best are agressors, who manipulate the table game. Never try to copy agressor's style if you don't have your own. This will be very good loosing lesson for you. If you don't have enough experience playing such tourneys the best for ya will be to join tight club and to wait patiently your chance. What meant the word tight (of course there are different dimentions). If you play against another tight player don;t blame yourself if you lost with TT or JJ on preflop all in. It happends. But if you play against agressor you must let him to rule the play and to strike him at the end (river). It's very important here to change your style when you reach three tables until the final. It's time for steals But the art of stealing is another mission to be completed.
3. Third tourneys are high buy in fees more then 20 bugs and also high level statelits/qualifiers for WSOP etc... If you got here, then you will not need the advices)) And you will know very well what is the difference between cash play and tourneys.

Here i miss to take a look at sit and go tourneys, which are also very good for some sort of players, who specialised there. If you want to teach yourself on this section of holdem go to Everest poker. There you may join at sit and go freerols for a prizes $0.10 (0.05 for the first, 0.03 for second and 0.02 for the third). If you gather some money then you may go to buy in 0.05 and upper tables Easy, just try it and teach yourself with real money (this is the best way to teach. When you feel the pain, you gain the experience

Cash tables

Long story until now. I am writing it while playing at a tourney. Make it well until now (23-rd from 166 left
Here we have three different dimentions. Frist is money level you play and secondary the number of persons in the table. Third is the limit. Let's take a look at the money. Once again 3 levels.

1. Starting from the levels up to 0.25/50 blinds (excluding it).
Mostly beginners cash players start at 0.05/0.10. And here is the place when middle money semipro players made their monthly winnings. Firstly cos they play against guys/girls, who often don't know what mean pot odds and what is the possibility of getting a hand. It's better for ya if you start to play cash tables to start from here. Firstly you will get the feeling of playing on cash tables if you play only tourneys (freerolls) until now. And then to understand how you may play against different kind of players in cash tables.
2. 0.25/0.50 - 1/2 tables
Here is a great mix of all kind of players. Most of them played for raked hands, which guarantied them a place in raked freerols. You may see some persons playing on 3 10-persons tables in order to acumulate as much as rake as possible. Its very nice place to make winnings. Because you may meet some rich uncles, who just understand that they may play all night long poker on internet, rather them meet once up in the week in the smoked room with their old fellows
But here are also the hungy good players, who had read decent number of books for poker and may tell you for just a second time what is the possibility of winning a hand with Q7 on the preflop. My recomendation is that to make a 15-20 minutes watch research on the table before siting on it. This is the way to understand different styles, without paying money for it or just leaving to the luck.

3. It's 5/10 upper level (and all time favorit to watch 100/200 at bet365/trident net)
Hmmm, here the same for freeroll 3, with some remarks that here you may catch some high stakes player on tilt and you may finish him with small amount of money. (just to mentioned, now i am 3-rd in the tourney with 106 left, was first, but lost a hand. I had very nice open streigh flop and the turn close it and catch two all ins with 2 pairs)

Ok let's get back on track with second dimention - number of players. Once again 3 possibilities - 2, 6 (or 5 someplaces) and 10

Starting with 2: Only for masters and for good friends to exchange some experience and money of course. Here me personaly prefer to be agressor. The main reason is that you may steal a lot of blinds and may lie the opponent that you raise everytime, even if you don't have nice hand. Depends very much of the opposition. Good player will easely match with this tactics and to counter ya. But once again your reconunter may be stronger if you just pay attention and dont play loosing hands with small chance.

Next 6: Here is the best place for the persons who studied well the possibilities. Often some players used calculators for the chance, but as you know poker is not only chance... Once again you must learned very well the style of the other players (specially on high odds). It's the best table for disciplined player at lower odds up to .25/50 (and prefered by me).

10: OK, here is the fastest place when you may win a lot of money. If you get nice hands and you get bad players against you. But at the same time it's the best place where you may get tilted and surprised how easely you may lose with very good hands. On 10-persons table is the kingdom of tight cash players. My own recomendation. Don't sit there just to make rake and don't do worst thing, to play on 2-3 10-players tables.

Limits... oh those limits
Blind limit:
The best players prefers limit tables, cos they may control the situation. Here also they often catched "play for joy with real money folks". Everyone says to himself, easy to pay a blind, when i am waitng broken str8 (with an overal chance of getting it 1/12) and payed around 1/4 odds.
Pot Limit: Imroved version of Blind limit and prefered by waiting players, who like to see cards by playing not so much. It's very good if you playing it on real casion, cos you may see frustrations of the players there, who have some problems in counting the pot)) It's the most rare variant of playing

No Limit: You played some freerolls and know well the rules. This is the craziest variant, when you may get surprised in every second. But at the same time you may surprise everyone on the table. Check once again the previous rows, which are dedicated mostly of No Limit play.

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