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Old 03-02-06, 05:45 AM
iceberg's Avatar
iceberg iceberg is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Houston
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Default Academy Awards

I know what I'll be doing this Sunday night and it won't be anything related to Mountains or Cowboys. It'll be the BBP Freeroll of course!! Has anyone seen any of the Best Pictures?

1) Brokeback Mountain
2) Capote
3) Crash
4) Goodbye and Good luck
5) Munich

Any recommendations?
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Old 03-02-06, 09:39 AM
iceberg's Avatar
iceberg iceberg is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Houston
Posts: 583
BBP Points: 258

The only movies that I have seen with any nominations are:
1) War of the Worlds
Good movie, special effects, not too gory and entertaining.
2) Memoirs of a Geisha
Not my fav, It's a chick flick.

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Old 03-02-06, 10:24 AM
UofTNick's Avatar
UofTNick UofTNick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Grimsby, Ontario
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The only one of the 5 that I have seen, is Munich. I thought that it was a very well put together and very powerful movie. I thought it was very good.

However, the only background knowledge I had going in to the movie, was that these events had occurred. I had no idea why, or what had happened afterwards. I'm sure if you knew more about it, seeing the movie would have a different effect. I'd be interested to hear from somebody who knew if the incident before seeing the movie, about what they thought of the movie.

Haven't seen any of the others, so I can't make much of a judgement or prediction.
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Old 03-04-06, 03:22 PM
sijiawu89 sijiawu89 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Duluth, GA
Posts: 69
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I've seen 1-4 but i dont think that crash is going to win best picture probably brokeback mountain just because its got all the hype going for it. Memoirs of the Geisha, i mean i dont think it was bad for this point but seriously a bunch of chinese actors acting as the japanese? thats just lazy.
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Old 03-05-06, 04:04 PM
brant321 brant321 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 17
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Well I'll tell ya which one I didn't go and see, something to do with the fact that I'm not really into gay cowboys! My friend was telling me that his wife dragged him to go see bareback mountain and when the scene with the two dudes going at it came up some old man in the theater stood up and started freaking out. He said it was worth going just for that. The guy started yelling at the screen and swearing about how they shouldn't be putting that kinda smut on the big tv.....LOL. I don't blame him neither, if my old lady dragged me out to some movie that I didn't know had gay cowboys in it I'd be freaking out too.
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