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Originally Posted by pokerlan
Pokerstars can change the outcome of any game. They can factor a winning and lossing % to each name that signs on. If you have complained in the past you will very rarely win. If you do win a hand by chance, you will probably wind up splitting the pot. I have sat at 38 different 10/20 NL tables the other night and each table I sat down I alway got a 3 or 4 drop on my closed card. The odds are highly impossible to drop 27 3's and 24 duces and all other under cards were under 6. for a total of 38 hands.
So last night I tried again with 100k starting and my losing % after 50 games was 96% FIXED, Rigged or whatever you want to call it.Please do not play with real monies you will definetly lose in the end. programs can be tamper with.

Wow....sounds like you have done your homework...I totally agree with you though...

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