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Originally Posted by BBP Guru
In a $20 No-Limit 9 seated SnG tourney. It's quite early into the tournament when you are dealt
You call from UTG, and you get 2 more callers before a raiser. The raiser makes it 3xBB. BB calls. You call and so does the other 2 after you. So, 5 people playing this hand.

Flop comes

Its your turn to act. What do you do?

It's probably best not to even get yourself involved in a situation like this early in the tournament, when you can wait for much more favorable circumstances than 6-6 UTG without the blinds eating you alive. But, assuming you've decided to make the play, is think a check is out of the question. Checking here is dangerous. You need to lead out here, for three reasons:

1) You have no idea where you stand right now. Right now you're behind any pocket pair except 2-2, but there's also a reasonable range of hands your opponents could be holding that are behind your pocket sixes. It's hard to narrow that range any without raising, and right now you need information about where you stand in order to make better decisions.

2) If you have the best hand right now and you let someone draw out on you for free with a hand like A-K of spades, you've sacrificed your advantage. Making him pay for that draw when you're ahead is important even if your lead is slim.

3) There are some occasions - not many, but some - where a bet will win you the pot right now, and that's not a bad result at all.

The matter of how much to bet is the other part of the question. With 5 players in at 3 BB apiece, that means the pot is 15 BB right now. I'd lead out for about 6 or 7 BB - a little over 1/3 of the pot - and be prepared to let the hand go cheaply if it's becomes obvious this is going to be a big pot I don't want to play with a marginal holding like 6-6.
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