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Default This one takes the cake!

Here's another funny one that happened to me today, I was playing a $27 sit&go 9 player table. By the time there were 4 players left, I had a commanding lead with over 9000 chips while the remaining 3 players have a little over 1000 each. Well now I know no lead is safe on jokerstars regardless of how well you play. Afterwards I was still patient and decided not go crazy despite such a huge chip lead. 4 times while the short stack goes all-in I managed to hold QQ, KK twice, and AA. of course I called each time. first time I had QQ vs opponents AJ, of course he catches and A on the river, so im like okay that only took a small dent to my chip stack. then another short stack went all in and I had KK so I called, he holds 88, after looking like Im about to eliminate another player and at least guarantee myself in the money(3 places get paid, 4 players left). Of course Jokerstars gives him an 8 on the River. by this time im down to about 5600 chips but still well ahead in the chip lead. The next one was a real kicker, 3rd short stacked player raised on the button with AK and again I held KK, after a flop of 3 low cards, he bluffs all in. I call with KK, dodges the turn and of course an A came on the river. By this time I had lost three straight all in situations were my opponent had 3 outs or less going to the river and was down to 2800 chips. Then the very next hand did me in, the button raised again pre-flop, This time I held AA, I immediately reraise him all in, he calls with QQ, flop came Q8Q on the flop eliminating any chance or me winning and eliminating me in the process just outside the money. I mean what else could I possibly do in these situations. And I have never ever seen anything close to crap like that in real life. Oh yea and I forgot to mention, this came soon after I made a joke regarding Pokerstars as Riverstars to another player in the chatbox. Coincidence, really???
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