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xxxx said, "yu suck"
xxxx said, "your mom is a *****"
xxxx said, "i will just take your money on this table FOOL"
xxxx said, "yyyy im gonna bust ya"
xxxx said, "lol"
xxxx said, "your momma"
xxxx said, "call em up momma's boy"
xxxx said, "hah momm'a boy?"
xxxx said, "its not my fault he's a lil momma's boy"
xxxx said, "thanks moderator"
xxxx said, "im still talking"
xxxx said, "lol"
xxxx said, "dont worry king ill get you 2"
xxxx said, "your a momma's boy 2 arnt you"

moderator was called 2 times

I got ban a few days earlier for "eat $hit"

And the reply was:

Thank you for your email.

I can assure that at PokerStars we do not have any type of preference for player for an specific, as PokerStars is a world wide company we treat every player with the same respect and enforce our rules without any distinct of race or nationality.

Keep also in mind that you may contact us at any moment that you feel another player is being offensive or vulgar.

I must also tell you that we don't take 'retaliation' chat into consideration. If someone starts cursing and another player starts cursing back in return, then they both lose chat. We don't accept 'he started it' as an excuse. We instead expect the offended party to report the chat to PokerStars by sending an email to and then let us take care of policing the game.

Please let us know if there is anything else we may help you with.
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