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Exclamation quads and the overall p.s experience

I have had my pokerstars acct. since December 2001, 2 months after the sites official launch. The amount and frequency of quads dealt in Texas Hold Em in the last year and a half is total bullshit. in the 4 years i had my acct and the hundreds of thousands of hands I played and saw, I had seen 2 quads in regular T.HE play as well as having one set myself. They were about as rare as combat medals in the swiss army. THEN after one of the mini updates I personally witnessed 7 sets of quads in one 452 total hand play money 45 person sit and go. And since that day i see an average of 2 sets of quads per 3 hour session on any given day (playing less and less). I will sum up by saying that pokerstars is full of shit their RNG is a piece of shit. I am a true believer that p.s cannot and should not be trusted period. Play and deposit money at your own risk if you venture past play money and free entertainment in my opinion you are a fool.
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