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Default I have quite PokerStars for good

I am glad I have found this post. I have been playing on Stars for about a year. Before that, I have been almost exclusively on Party Poker. On Party Poker, I played strictly Omaha. I am a very decent Omaha player and I used to win quite consistently at the PLO8 tournies. I played a lot of 30/60 cash games too. I averaged a cashout of about $2000 per week.

When PP closed down to U.S. players, I tried Stars and FullTilt. I thought that I was just on a really bad streak at Stars. I got rivered so many times, I was pulling my hair out (literally). But it just kept going and going. I kept waiting for things to turn around. They never did. I am a consistent loser on Stars and am down about $25k on this site. On Party Poker, I was ahead about $175k. OK, I know that unlucky bouts can last a pretty long time. I had bad bouts on PP as well (my longest being about a month). So, how do you explain this over the long run. I have seen the most remarkable beats consistently on Stars. I have now quit Stars. I honestly believe the site is rigged. I could be wrong, but I am not willing to invest any more money on it.

I am glad to see others saying the same thing. I thought I was going insane. I sure hope that Party Poker gets reinstated. Anyhow, thanks for reading my post and thanks for contributing and saving my sanity!
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