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Default Poker Stars is manipulating

I joined Poker Stars in November. I am a reasonably good, conservative player. I played the one table 3$ progressive table and took my initial $50 investment to $280 in 2.5 months.

Then the cards began to change dramatically on all in showdowns for me. In the last four weeks I have dropped straight down from $280 to $180, and nothing has changed but the odds defying outcomes of showdowns where the pre-flop odds were all in my favor. I started keeping track about 2.5 weeks ago on all-ins when I knew that something was going on. The odds defying results are 11 against me and 1 for me as follows (remember these were all in's pre-flop:

kk to 44 (4)
AsKs to k4 (kk4)
a6 to kq (k)
kk to tt (jq98)
ak to a5 (5)
jj to at (a)
(all in after flop) 8j (8j) to 97 (turn river = 56) that one was beyond funny
(all in after flop) qj (q high flop) to ad8 (two diamonds turn & river to save him)
aQ to kq (k)
AJ (tka8) to Q3 (j)
A6 to 85 (8)

1 WIN:
A4 to QQ (AA4) (I guess giving me one big improbable was supposed to make me feel better about the other 11, right?

The Poker Starssite is a joke. They must be leveling out good players to ensure that bad players get some victories and hang around their site.
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