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I have to agree that out of all sites, PokerStars is seriously dodgy.

That other day I was watching a high limit NL cash game table and these two players who had around 5k each played a hand and it seemed normal but this one guy kept betting out and on the river he bet out again and the other guy raised all-in and he called with NOTHING. Ok lets look at this very simply, it's ok to try and bluff but if the guy raises all-in who the fuck in the right mind would call with NOTHING and loose about $4000 dollars?? I've seen things like this occasionally.

I also use to watch the limit hold'em $200/$400 tables and I often see people battling it out and end up winning by a high card on showdown.

I mean I use to play on that site and I lost my money really quickly. When I played play money I seem to consistently get really decent hands and not surprisingly enough quads. I remember this one time I had KQ and the flop comes KKK and this other time I had 93 and the flop comes 333. I know it's play money but the cards that you get and what comes up should be equally as random shouldn't it? If you ask me, they seem to do that to encourage people to deposit real money thinking it's gonna be the same, when it isn't.

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