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i am glad someone finally feels the same way as me. I have been a member on pokerstars for about a year, but just to play relaxing or easy going poker with play money. note to everyone dont play real money on this site, its a joke. The odds seem to never stack up like you will be a 95-5 favorite after the flop to win and somehow your oponent will catch running 6s or whatever it may be to knock you out of the tounament. I have never seen a sight with such suckouts and bad beats mostly coming on the river. This is why i have two very unique names that i will refer to this site as either riverstars or jokerstars. They do have very good freerolls on this site, but the deposit bonuses are not good so no one can really gain that extra cash when depositing. I suggest you stick to good old titan poker or which has a large amount of freerolls
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