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Originally Posted by BBP Guru View Post
Jamie Gold, the 2006 WSOP Main Event Champion was sued for half his Winnings....Apparently he had a verbal agreement with Bruce Crispin Leyser, his former business partner that the winnings would be split between both of them.

Eventually he had to split the $12 Million prize with Leyser. Rumors are that 10% of Gold's winnings will also go to Johnny Chan. Jamie took poker lessons from him.

Read the full scoop here.

That's the stupidiest think i ever heard. How can you make such an agreement???
I think Jamie Gold didn't realize that he might win such an amount of money. It's true that he learned the basics from Chan... but did he learned Gold how toi win the wsop? I don't think so.
One over another this is a big blow for Gold.
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