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Default What a nut

Jamie Gold is bad for poker!! Who does this clown think he is? first he tells everyone he doesn't want to win because he doesn't want all the fame and all that...I ask why not??? why not be known as the man to beat the biggest event in poker against the largest crowd for the largest ammount of money? not to mention the one thing that all true poker players want which is the I would gladly take second place money instead of first place for that bracelt...
Jamie Gold is an embarrasment to poker he wins the whole thing and what does he do he hides and now with all this talk about him owing money to Chan and his other partner is just stupid if he owes the money pay it look at dannerman he had a backer and he payed and was happy to do it. I feel that jamie Gold should just take what ever money he has left and never show his face in a poker room again.
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