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Originally Posted by ad1129
Bad strategy all around, you seem to not take kindly to constructive criticism so i'll leave it at that. O and min raising sucks and stop doing it, there are few times where its correct, but in general its horrid.

I failed to find little more than condescending remarks in his egoic criticism.

I don't mind if you don't find this theoretically good, and perhaps it you could not duplicate the success I'm having.

I don't offer this as any sort of "proof", but I won $24 total 2 titan freerolls, after playing cheshire and swansea tournaments for 2-3 days trying to get my bankroll up, I was having little constant success, I just hovered in the $10-30 range. After discovering how well this worked I realized it gave me the edge I needed, so I skipped the $5 turbo SnG(for reasons I mentioned before) and went to $10. My current bankroll is $155.

I hear the cries of "fish luck" already, but if the strategy were truely bad, having used it every single game I've played in the past few days, I believe I would see a general decline. which of course, is infact, the exact opposite, I have shown a SHARP increase.

blah blah blah, lets play some poker. check the BBP Sit N Go thread and we'll set up a time, even though I already told you what I'm going to do
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