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I will be 100% honest and dont like your strategy, because anyone smart can bust ya. They can outplay you so bad on that flop and keep winning those small chips off of you and you wouldnt even knwo its comin. I think majority of the time you will lose than win with that strategy. Now if you were playing those crappy hands in position all the time and being more agressive i think you would have a better shot. Key thing is to always keep raising and betting the same amount to not reveal the strength of your hands. Your theory is a not a bad one, just not a good one . If I was playing you i would easily bust you out of the tournament. I dont mean to sound rude when i say that either heh . But overall your on the right step, being agressive is winning. Thats the key point that i believe you have learned, so work with it. Keep up the good work.


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