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I've been trying out my new strategy all day today, here are some things I found

The good hole cards that I play like all the other cards I've been getting, pay off big when I get something on the flop, they somehow don't realize the difference between a 10 chip and 80-90 chip bet(they still think I'm bluffing!). This combined with the free pots from people folding easily makes up for the chips you're giving away.

This method's weakness is not an abscence of cards(I think card always come, you just have to wait...), but bad beats. All the hands played prior to your power hand has been a set up for this moment, so if it fails to a bad beat, it totally screws everything up. Also, this style tricks people into calling your good hands with shit cards most likely chasing something... and boy when they get it if I dont have a good read on them I can kiss my entry fee goodbye.

This strategy works especially well at a tight table, the looser the table, the higher the preflop bets are gonna be when it's at 5/10, and thus the less oppurtunies you'll receive to raise.
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