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Default My CrAzY NeW Sit N Go strategy!

The Sit N Go's I play are NL Holdem 6 table, normal speed(non-Turbo), 1000 chips blinds start at 5/10 and move up every 7 minutes or close to that.

I abuse the fact that blinds are ridiculously low for the first 14 minutes of the game so on every time it's my turn, if someone hasn't risen(in which case I fold when my cards are shit), regardless of my hand I raise 10. Preflop raise, flop, turn and, river. Every single chance I get I throw away 10 chips chasing shit, bluffing people out, etc

Now why do this you ask?


A) When you do get mediocre to good cards, betting every time makes it impossible to read and you can usually make up the chips your giving away on these lucky catches.

B) Regardless that it's a ridiculously low bet and they see you repeatedly doing it, tight people will fold a lot when they don't have anything.

But most importantly....

C) You have successfully convinced all the other players you are LOOSE aggresive.

Now, blinds are 30/60, start playing normal tight aggresive with the same betting patterns you have been using all along(minimum to X2 the minimum the second it gets to my turn), and what will happen is even if your opponent sees a flop like A83(you got the aces, of course), when he sees you betting like a "moron" he will be compelled beyond his own power to call you. Once you get someone "hooked", raise as you normally would when you have the nuts...

So to reiterate...

When blinds are super low I pretend to be loose aggresive

So when blinds are high, I switch to tight aggresive which completely changes how people perceive and respond to me.

So what'dya think?
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