SunPoker, formerly known as Caribbean Sun Poker, is owned by Peak Entertainment, the operator of several online casinos, and runs on software provided by Cryptologic. This means it uses the same network of players as more recognized rooms such as William Hill and Interpoker. The Cryptologic network isn't as large as the Prima network or the old Party network, but it's known for being relatively stable and having a good-sized player base. Being a part of a well-established network of poker rooms definitely works to SunPoker's advantage.

The first thing a new player to SunPoker will notice is how easy the software is on the eyes. With its warm color scheme and smooth visual design it's never a pain to look at like some other rooms can be. The well-organized lobby makes the games you want to play very easy to find, though if you want to check your account it'll take a little while longer. The cashier system is cumbersome, taking a far too long to pull up when you access it from the main lobby area, and you can't see your account balance unless you go to this screen. This is probably one of the poorer areas of the design in the Cryptologic software, and by extension one of the downsides of SunPoker. On the whole, however, the software is stable ad fairly easy to use. It's not as smooth as PokerStars or Full Tilt, but it's definitely passable.

The variety of games available at SunPoker is as good as any on the smaller card room networks. Hold'em, Stud, Omaha and Omaha hi-lo are all offered at a wider variety of stakes than almost anywhere else on the internet. Hold'em games are offered in limit, pot-limit, and no-limit, and are available at stakes up to 150/300. All Omaha games are offered in limit and pot-limit, with stakes as high as 20/40. All games are available in three different currencies: US dollars, EU euros, and UK pounds sterling. (It's important that players new to the network pay attention when they register for a new game and make sure they don't choose the wrong currency, or their losses could be more expensive than they had intended.) Finally, there is a Bad Beat Jackpot available at SunPoker. It's not nearly as large as the jackpot at Party Poker, but it's also a lot easier to hit - 4 jacks or better beaten using both hole card in the winning and losing hands qualifies, and play at all cash games is eligible.

There are a wide variety of tournaments at SunPoker, and most of them have guaranteed prize pools. There are also plenty of satellite tournaments available, to both land-based casino tournaments and big-money online tournaments. These actually have a decent blind structure compared to many other online card rooms, too, giving more skilled players a better chance for their experience to pay off. There are plenty of freerolls available for players looking to build a bankroll, as well.

Many of the players at SunPoker are from Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, so the peak times for the best games can often be off for players in North America. The player base also has a reputation for being looser than at some other online card rooms, thanks to the room's affiliation with an online casino. Action junkies from the casino often show up at the poker tables, making for a very profitable card room. This is true both in the cash games and the tournaments, and seems to hold up at just about any level available.

The final note about SunPoker is its promotions. The sign-up bonus is relatively low at $50, but it's also very easy to clear at only 5X raked hands and will appear in your account immediately so you can use it at the tables.. There is also a monthly $40 bonus that's just as easy to clear, with only 200 raked hands required. That's an extra $480 a year for playing a relatively small number of hands.

There are lots of positives at SunPoker and very few negatives. The only things that might keep someone form playing there are the clunky cashier interface and the peak times that follow a European rather than North American schedule. Those minor quibbles pale in comparison to the generous promotions and profitable games running at SunPoker. If you're looking for a new place to play, it will be worth your while to check out SunPoker.

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